Monday, May 19, 2008

Dinner time

Dinner time at the Schultz house goes something like this..................  ( don't  judge )
Max- what is this on my pizza?
Me- It's barbecue sauce
Max- WHAT? Barbecue sauce?!! Yuck! Why couldn't you use ketchup?
Ollie- For crying out loud!!
Ollie -Mom I got something for you. (He then puts his bum on me and he toots) I tooted. HAHAHA, is that funny?
Family- All laughing
Me- Now boys that is funny in our house but maybe not at someone elses house OK? So we can only do that in our house. Not at church or school.
Ollie- Can we do it at Rockys, cuz he would thinks it's hilarious.
Max- Mom you know whats weird? You are skinny but your toots travel far. Like from there all the way to here. And Dad is fat but his toots are loud and stay right here. And my toots just walk around the house whistling.
Family- Laughter
Scott- Wow thats really quite true. 
This is what life is like when you have all boys.


Katie Schultz said...

haha... oh I will never judge you. This story was amazing, I love Max's way of explaining the world around him, some times he is so dead on... p.s. I didn't know you could toot on command.

Georgia said...

Trust me.....that is what life is like with girls, too (my girls). Haa-haa. Todays blog was hysterical. Laughing is great for the soul!

Jana Heller said...

you are really funny. i love your family and for what it is worth lily is way worse than jack. i have finally had to talk with her about saying excuse me. i didn't think a little girl could have so much gas.

Brynn said...

That is hilarious! I can't wait for my kids to be a little older so our dinners are like that!

Julie said...

so glad you're capturing this - your guys have the funniest conversations! and then when you're having a bad day, just re-read your stories and i'm sure it'll make you laugh and cure any blues.

Brian & Christy Pethel said...

awesome. Well, Xanthe can outwin almost anyone with her belches (she gets it from my mom and you would think she was related to Ruth) and Xoe could out"toot" anyone too. It's all I can do to then let Brian get in on the fun. I have to limit it to only belching at the dinner table, but Xoe just confided in me that the three of them do it when I'm not there and have a grand ol time laughing. Come on! I have to instill SOME sort of femininity in my girls. :)

stacy said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!! :) that is what life is like at the benintendi house and two of mine are girls. we're just gross. :)

i really miss max! i just love that boy!

amber buhrley said...

did max really say toots?

Sarah said...

I'm telling you, start writing your sitcom. You'll save a ton of money on writing, just employ your little dudes.

jennrocket said...

ruth i love your blog with all my heart!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

ok - I hope you don't mind that I am catching up reading all of your blog and laughing my butt off! Such a great story! And really, Harper is so cute!!!