Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sitting on the porch

Tonight Ollie had some difficulty playing with Max. Call it a difference of opinion. So I sent Max over to Sarah's to pick up dinner(Delish by the way)while Ollie and I sat on the porch. Of course Ollie was mad that he didn't get to go. And I reminded him that he didn't want to play with Max.
Ollie- I hate everybody! (dramatic I know)
Me- really?
Ollie- Everyone but Rocky!
ME- What about Eliza?
Ollie- I like her too!
Me- What about Baxter and Andy?
Ollie- Oh dang it Mom I like them too. I Just hate Max!!
Me- Alright
By this time Max is home and Ollie is blocking his way in.
Ollie- Whats the secret pass word?
Now when I was a kid there really wasn't a secret pass word or it changed as soon as the excluded person said it.
Max- (In a very dead pan voice).... Super Mario Brothers.
Ollie- Ohhh Dang it. And then he grumbles as he let's Max Pass.


cJb said...

What happened to open seasame? & why does it seem to be like watching a sitcom every time I read "The Schultz Family" blog?

Kim said...

I want to come gobble your kids up they sound so cute!

Beth said...


Jones Family said...

Why are your kids so funny?

Brian & Christy Pethel said...

awesome! That kid is an adult in a kids' body. crazy. love him!

amber buhrley said...

ok, I laughed so hard! Cant wait to see you guys!

Nanette said...

Rocky was so stoked... I could hear their voices saying those things. Especially Max's dead pan voice- loved it! Did you see my recent blog?? just kidding...

Sarah said...

I love the integrity. So hilarious. Here, here on the Schultz family sitcom. I just wanna be able to see Ollie's asides. Those would be priceless.