Thursday, May 22, 2008

Xoe & Xanthe

For the next couple of weeks I get to watch my nieces Xoe and Xanthe. Max and Ollie are so excited. I think X & X might just about be their favorite people. So we did all sorts of fun activities all in the first day. I tried to capture it all on my semi-new point and shoot camera(Nikon coolpix) so their mom could see how awesome I am.(sarcasm)

We started the morning out with a craft. I know X&X like to get their craft on and i have an excess of scrapbooking crap I would like to get rid of. 2 birds 1 stone.
At 12:30 we picked Max from school. Which coincided with the thunder showers.Then we went to Ygg, Max's back to school night and Ice cream. Phew! I would have been more elaborate with stories and pictures but for some reason I'm having Technical difficulties with my blog. I am trying to correct this. We'll see.


COLTJ said...

Have you ever considered that your blog is too ultra popular with many comments on average and therefor the scheming 1-2 post comment recieving blogs have it out for you and are sending viruses through their comments that actually hedge up the other bloggers commentating on your epic spots and hair raising citations of day to day life blogga? Perhaps their scheme is to make comments soooooooo ridiculousley long on your blog that it takes up memory and slows it down, and the fellow bloggites don't even want to read past it and don't find it particularly funny so they don't want their blog account name associated with such a post and won't comment on that post, or they will see that someone who is not a mom wrote it and not bother to read it anyways...shoot! They are on to me>>

Brian & Christy Pethel said...

You know my girls too well. They love to get their craft on, AND they definitely can make anything from nothing. Great way to get rid of extra random craft stuff. that's what I do. And I couldn't think you're more awesome than you already are! :) I love this picture. :) Thanks for entertaining them and taking care of them.

Juan Manuel Maximiliano Doyle Skeoch Vazquez Iturbe said...

Xoe And Xanthe

Juan Manuel Maximiliano Doyle Skeoch Vazquez Iturbe said...

Is Great