Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Early mothers day

Ollie gave me his Mothers day present he made at school today. I love the handmade school gifts. My boys are always so excited to give it to me. We never make it to the actual day. The gift was a black paper silhouette of himself, a drawing of me and  the teacher had him write some things about me. Here were the questions.
1. How old is your mom......100 years old(i like pretty good huh?)
2. My mom is the prettiest when..... she has a heart on her shirt.
3. My mom likes to make ..........cupcakes(true that)
4. My mom always says........don't bring toys to school(see post below)
5. My mom is funny when she... kisses me soooooo sooo fast(I love doing that)
I fell really grateful for my boys. I'm so lucky they were sent to me. I think God knows i have a sense of humor and love a good comedy. If I could type faster I could write you a novel. But 17 words a minute gets you this.


Georgia said...

I just loved the homemade gifts that the kids made. I just looked at one Gina made me in 2nd grade. Sooooo sweet! You better buy a huge plastic bin with a lid, you will have so many "keepers" that the kids will make. And I agree with you.....the number one thing EVERY parent needs is a sense of humor (especially when they are teens). Hee-hee. Sounds like you are loved A LOT!!! Happy Mothers Day!

Brittany said...

This is Brittany, Amber's friend. I have to admit that I blog-stalk you....I love your blog. You write the funniest things and your pics are GREAT!!! Your boys are adorable. Thanks for the laughs!!!

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Nanette said...

I love that kid!