Monday, March 3, 2008

Max has a new smile

Sunday night Max lost another tooth. It started off just a little wiggly in the morning and by night Max had the pliers to rip that sucker out. Apparently he needs the cash. So we did our little tooth fairy routine which includes a tooth fairy story and we usually store the tooth in toothy, this tooth pillow I made him. Lights out nighty night. At 6:30 in the morning I wake up in terror because I realize I for got to put money in the pillow! I scrounge through my purse and I only have a twenty!!!! I wake up Scott and luckily he had a five(which is still too rich for my blood) but better than $20. 7:00 Max woke up screaming FIVE DOLLARS!!!He ran into my room so excited telling how the tooth fairy is now giving $5 . I quickly replied I know she told me that since it's your Birthday on Wednesday she wanted to give you 3 more dollars, how cool is that!

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stevewitten said...

Once the big $5 starts you can never go back. Max will start pulling teeth out to get rich. Once, for Amber, we forgot to put money under the pillow. At breakfast, she complained. I went real quickly and threw some money under the bed. I went back to the kitchen and when she said something about it again I told her she look again because she rolls around a lot in bed. :) Wow dad! You were right!