Thursday, March 6, 2008

Batter Up!

Max had his first baseball game! WOOOOOW! Bless his heart. I'm thinking sports is not his thing. But I think he had fun. His coach put him on third base. I kept praying that the ball wouldn't be hit to him,but of course the very first ball went straight to him. He ran after it and threw the ball in the air to no one. Then when he went up to bat they got him out at first, but that did not stop him from running straight to second. It was pretty funny watching him.


Brian & Christy Pethel said...

Dude! I love Max! That picture of him is so awesome! And as long as he's having fun, I say let him! Go Max!

Rachna said...

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Nanette said...

I am belly laughing that he threw the ball in the air to no one. I also pictured your face with your hands over your mouth saying-"oh no-oh no" Bless his heart! At least he looks good in his new gear!