Saturday, March 8, 2008

Guess which toe is broke

Julia invited me to go shopping with her today at Irvine spectrem. I was so excited to be out of the house and with another grown up. What could be better? But what started as a perfect day quickly turned to crap. I was holding Harper on a bench and I could smell that he had an explosion in his pants. I got up too quickly and my foot slammed on the bottom of the bench! #@!^*%$ is what I yelled in my head, but I played like nothing happened. Well it started to swell and turn purple and by this point I needed to get my son a diaper fast. So I limped into Target to make the purchase when midstore my stomach started to gurgle. Oh crap! Literally  crap. It seemes like Harpers explosion was spreading. I needed a bathroom ASAP. I kinda made it (but kinda not). This day really sucks. I am just thankful for my bro-n-law Dr. B who hooked a sister up on some pain meds.(what what)

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amber buhrley said...

That really sucks! It looks awful! I hope your ok and that the meds help! dont get hooked, they might help with more then jus the foot! Hee hee!!! And....You think you have shakey leg syndrome?????