Tuesday, March 25, 2008

best friends

Top three reasons why Ollie loves Rocky
  1. Because he has a superman cape
  2. I love to go at his house for every day
  3. Rocky is my BEST friend in the whole wide world
and thats it.


Jana Heller said...

i love the superman jammies. i wish my jackson had a best friend like that. unfortunately it seems like all of my friends here have girls, but then, he doesn't seem to mind. that is the cutest picture, he will love it when he is older. steven has a picture of him and his best friends at that age and it is the best thing ever. you are doing amazing at the whole blogging thing. you are much better than i am .

cJb said...

That is exactly what I used to wear when I was his age. I remember going on a hike to Timpanogas caves at age 4 wearing my superman cape, got tuckered out and mom had to carry me on her back all the way back as I snoozed.

Nanette said...

Top 3 Reason Rocky loves Ollie:
1. Because..um..um.. I like to play Wii with him.
2. He lets me share his blanket and bed when I sleepover.
3. He has a big brother Max that is cool.