Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Birthday.

Remember when I used to blog every day?! I guess Life catches up to you. I got back from Mexico(I will blog later about that one). Then I got sick. So there you go. I have to catch you up on my exciting life. Saturday we had a birthday party for Ollie and Max. It was a YO Gabba Gabba party. We had a bounce house, cotton candy machine and a special guests came....DJ lance and Muno and we had a big dance party! It was soooo much fun. Ollie and Max had a blast! Thanks to every one who helped me pull this off. I realized what great friends and family I have , they are always willing to help. So thanks everyone!


Kim said...

DJ Lance has a weird mesmorizing effect on me...strange. Cute picture of everyone, we need a reason to hang out.

cJb said...


Only one kid in the world gets Dj Lance for his Easter birthday...

Lucky duck! My mom has the same Birthday date, no Muno though..