Thursday, March 13, 2008


Tomorrow me and the boys leave for Mexico. My sister Beth and I are meeting my parents and 2 of my brothers in San Felipe . I'm a little nervous about the 9 hour drive and having no Husband to help me. But I'm excited to show my boys the place I grew up going to. I think Scott is a little bummed that we're going to be gone 5 days. Is it bad that if he told me he was taking the boys for 5 days I would be excited. Seriously I would live it up! So For the masses that read my exciting blog I won't be posting for a while. The picture above is of me and Scott messing around on photobooth.


Beeka said...

haha is this picture taken before scott had decided to take off his shirt and show off his nice Bod last night?

amber buhrley said...

Sounds fun! I am with you on the being excited thing? Why is that do you think? Probably because we have the kids all day long and thinking of having no responsibilty and choosing what YOU want to do is amazing.

Georgia said...

Great photos!