Friday, June 18, 2010

The Shower

My sister in law, Amber had been trying to throw me a shower for a while. Before Davy was born I was nervous, scared and not ready to celebrate. She patiently waited for Davy to be born, get healthy , and for my mental state to get healthy. I am so glad she didn't give up on me. I told her to not go all out. Let's get pizza and coke0 and call it a day.
There is one thing you need to know about my in-laws.....they can throw a par-tay like no ones business. They take care of every detail food, invites, and linens; and they do it effortlessly. So no pizza parties, that would be an insult to the Schultz name.
My sisters know me well. This shower was very me. Thrift store finds, fowl and fresh waffles. And not just any waffles(try 3), buttermilk, lemon poppy seed and pumpkin with fresh rasberry, maple and butter syrups. Thank you to my friends who pitched in and helped with food and decor. You didn't go unnoticed.

I'm still nervous about bringing Davy around crowds, so I brought her in for a quick baby parade. Besides i need to show off some of the cute onesies I made. I kept hoping someone would play the lion king song as I held her above my head for all to gaze......didn't happen.
Davy with both of her Grandmas. Can you see where she got her good looks from?
These are my beautiful sister in laws. I really hate calling them in laws, cuz they feel more like sisters to me. SO I think from now on, I'm dropping the in law part.
Obviously these are my "blood" sistahs. i think we resemble each other. What do you think?
I think Davy was a little jealous of Archer's hair. I know I am.
The only way I could describe this day was amazing. I had so much fun just being out of the house and around people. The good food and lovely presents were just a bonus. Thank you every one for coming. It meant A LOT to me.


Melany said...

that is a DANG cute onesie. it looks like some i've seen in this etsy shop called louandlee. you should search it, you'd love it. how nice to have a party when you're feeling healthy and not prego! davy looks adorable as always.

Georgia said...

Your shower looked absolutely beautiful Ruth.....down to every detail. You are truly blessed with amazing family!

Christy said...

Yay! That shower turned out so so cute! I'm so glad they could give you one and am sad I missed out on the sister picture. Love the onesies you made. Those pictures from the shower should be featured on a website. I'm impressed with the fam! But not surprised. Our family rocks.

Beth said...

Great pictures...thanks for the photo shop. It was an amazing shower. The Schultz family have raised the bar on how to give a shower

amber buhrley said...

Oh my gosh! I love the pictures. Now I need some copies of course!

AzĂșcar said...

Edmunds? I bet we're related.

Damaris said...

your baby is fabulous. My BFF was born with a severe case of cleft pallet and she was in foster care her whole life, bad combo. Anyway, glad you got to celebrate.

Kristi said...

That is one precious onesie and one cute little girl wearing it. And I have to say that that shower rocked too!

I love the typewriter. I remember we once saw one as a display in Anthropologie and my girls had no idea what it was! Too funny.