Tuesday, June 1, 2010

our daily schedule

This is just our basic Davy schedule. This doesn't include any doctors appointments or hour long phone calls to insurance or case managers. Just her daily needs. She is on 7 different meds that need to be given 2-3 times daily.
7am- 2 meds thru g tube
9am- 3 meds thru gtube. pump milk. Start feed thru our kangaroo joey into gtube. Then clean machine.
1pm- crush half a pill, dilute with water put in tube along with another med. pump. start feed . then clean machine.
5pm-3 meds, pump, feed. clean
7pm- 2 meds
9pm- give Davy her shot. pump. start the all night continuous feed in the joey
1am- 4 meds. pump. add to her feed
5am- pump. add to feed.
then at 7am we end continuous feed and start all over again. Isn't life grand!


jenn king said...

this is such a gorgeous picture of her!!! she is in such good hands.

Brian Dreiling said...

I'm so glad she's home now. I bet you are, too. God bless your family.

Heather said...

thanks for that! It was fun to read "in the life of Ruth"

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

i LOVE that picture of her! that look on her face is so sweet. it totally says "i trust you with all this crap you have to do for me. and i love you for it." i totally bet she's thinking that.

Georgia said...

LOL....I was going to put exactly what LarsenParty 24/7 put.....her picture says that she trust you thru all of this "stuff" you have to do for her. Big hugs to everyone.

Heather said...

All I can say (and think) is WOW. You are doing a great job with all of that and being a mom of 4. I can't imagine doing all of that and trying to keep sane. I hope you have a lot of help until it gets to be so routine that you just know you CAN do it all, and then some. You are actually an inspiration to me, and I bet some other people too. Thank you (again) for posting all of this. I know it really helps me get through the time of life I'm going through right now.

Caitlin said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I am tired just reading the schedule. This won't last forever. You are awesome for continuing to pump. Seriously. I didn't make it as long as you have. Even though it might feel like you are treading water and just trying to survive, you are doing a fantastic job. Archer had just turned 3 when Della arrived on the scene and it was hard to help him understand, I can't imagine doing this with a 2 year old! Someday he will understand. I am sure that "someday" can't get there soon enough for you!

BTW-This is a really beautiful picture of Davy.

amber buhrley said...

Doesnt sound so bad!

rookie cookie said...

Gorgeous eyes. Like I have said before, they are electric.

I was wondering if you were going to post what your schedule is with her. Fascinating. When will she not have to be fed through a G tube?

Gopher Girl said...

Hi! My mom totally linked me to your blog. I love hearing about little Davy! After seeing that schedule, I just had to send you this link. I hope you have a hands free pump, but if you don't, I used this with my regular medela pump so I could actually get SOMETHING done. I graded papers while I was pumping while my school kids were at recess.


Maureen (Rowland) Goepfert

Beth said...

I love this picture of Davy...what an Angel you have living with you.

I had no idea how intense this schedule was until I came to learn how to feed her and give her medications today. I only helped through 1 feeding...it is definitely a full time job. But one smile from your Angel and you know it is all worth it.

Katie Schultz said...

oh wow- more intense it seems than the day you brought her home. I see you added the shot. That is great news. I think we need to do a harper schedule and a ruth's laundry schedule. For reals. I am just finishing up mine and thinking about how much time it takes to fold it all and that is just for four people.

The Bogren's said...

That picture is SO adorable. I want to take her out of the screen and hold and love on her!! I can't believe all that you have to do each day on top of taking care of 3 boys. You are a wonder woman!

heather said...

amber, you are joking, right? i was over there for less than 2 minutes while my mom was getting a lesson in davy's medication & food administration and i was getting anxiety just trying to take it all in. feeding tubes. air bubbles in her belly. machines. needles. and keeping everything sterile WITH three other children. i don't know how you do everything ruth. i admire it.

Jones Family said...

How do you take your kids to school? Cook dinner? Laundry? Take a shower?
You take the term "busy mom" to a new level.