Sunday, April 4, 2010

two weeks in the NICU

Two weeks have gone by, I wish I could say they've flown by......but they haven't. It's seems like an eternity. SO much has happened to Davy girl in 14 days.
These little arms are filled with holes from the many IV's they've put in. She also wasn't getting the hang of eating so she needed a G tube put in so she could get some food.
These little feet get blood drawn from them constantly.

She had to be in an Isolette for 5 days under 2 sets of lights and a Billi blanket. The worse part of this was I couldn't hold her. Those days seemed longer. To top things off she had a diaper rash and an eye infection.
In a 6 day span she literally grew a tooth(overnight) and we watched it decay into a brown blob and then get it pulled.
Since the IV's weren't lasting, she got a central line. They shaved the sides of her head only to not be able to put it in her head. So they put it through her belly button. Which made it very difficult to hold her with. She's had 3 heart echoes, which showed 2 minor defects, PDA and VSD. These are being controlled with meds, with a possibility of surgery for the PDA.
Then she was having trouble breathing, so she needs to be on oxygen from time to time. From this we found out she had an infection, so 7 days of antibiotics. She also started throwing up everything in her little belly, which started to include bile. So no more G tube, no more milk. Just IV fluids and a larger tube put down her throat to suck out the bile.
Then the central line needed to be replaced back to her head, which is better then the belly button. All leading up to her surgery for a Mal rotation of her intestines. This will happen on Friday. She has gone threw more in 14 days(medically) then I have in 34 years.
Through all these things, I have felt calm and know that she is being blessed. Life could be worse, much worse.


heather said...

Ruthy, I NEVER get choked up, but reading about Davy puts a lump in my throat every time. She is so sweet and such a fighter. I'm so thankful for the calm you feel because I know our prayers for you are being answered (is that kinda cheesy? i don't care, it's true). And I know you really are comforted because you wear your heart on your sleeve and I can see it on your face.

Georgia said...

Oh gosh Heather, I am so choked up reading your post. Davy girl truly is a fighter! I am praying for her and your family every day. I hope you all feel the good thoughts I am sending to you. Thank you for sharing with us!!! BIG HUGS.

Paige Baker said...

She is so beautiful! I and my church are all praying for you and your family. You are such an inspiration, your entire family is beautiful.

Beth said...

What a beautiful little baby...our little Davy girl. I love all the sweet photos!

Thank you for your update, your words a tribute to her. For her to see one day, what a little fighter she is...and what a blessing she is to all of us.

I agree with Heather's cheesy words "I'm so thankful for the calm you feel because I know our prayers for you are being answered" and I feel your calm and it helps those around you.

Pemberley Court said...

Oh Ruth, I haven't been reading any of my blogs for about 2 months. For some reason this morning I was thinking about you. Your sweet baby girl is so precious an addition to your wonderful family. Reading so far what you have written, you are calm and connected to your sweet baby. Anyone can see that. You have always been a fighter and your Davy girl will be one too! I know it! You all are in my prayers.

Melany said...

oh my gosh, that little girl is going through SO MUCH. as if a few things aren't enough...then more comes. you guys are clearly being put through one of the biggest trials of your lives. thanks for posting about davy and how she's doing, i know it must be hard. i'm glad you're feeling calm, you guys are still in our prayers.

Jana Heller said...

she is so beautiful ruth. there is so much soul in her little eyes. i can tell just by looking at her that she is a fighter. thanks for posting all of the pictures, it makes it easier on those of us who can't be there to meet her. miss ya!