Thursday, June 16, 2011

Team Davy Benefit

Where to begin, where to begin. First and for most...Thank you. Thank you, to all of our family and friends for all the work and love that went in to this fun night. Because it was so much fun! I kinda thought I was going to be a stress case, but my family(and a Xanax) made it so all I had to do was show up and enjoy. Really, I had so much fun. My only regret was that I didn't get to talk to everyone. You know me, I'm a talker. I'm not a quick hello type of person. So I really do apologize if I didn't get to you.
Let me take you through the evening. You were greeted at the door from some member of my family, like my Dad in the pic below. My poor family worked all night, I know some of them didn't even get to eat. Which is a bummer cuz the food was so good. You guys out did yourself again Harry and Nancy.

Scott and I made these posters. They just broke down all of Davy's medical conditions in a simpler way. I know I didn't know what the heck panhypopituitarism was before Davy.
There were so many amazing things for auction. I have a lot of talented friends that donated fun homemade items: Sarah , Melany, Merralee, Emily, my Mom, Gina, Jen, Dianne, Amelia and many more. It was hard to keep my grubby paws off their stuff. Not to mention the items friends donated from their work. Dang I could write a really long list here. But can I just say thanks and you know who you are?

This is my Bro in law Ben. He worked so hard on this event. I just wanted to give him a shout out. Yeah Benji!! I am sure he got like 6 hours of sleep that week. I think were even for that haircut now, Ben.

Finally...finally, I got to meet the lovely (love my) Merrilee. I had so much fun chattin her up.
My Choc friends, we both have beautiful clefty kids. Thanks for coming, guys.
I spy St. Elizabeth. Thanks Beth, what would we do without you. She is a get-it-done kinda gal. Everyone needs a Beth in their family.

Yeah for Gabba friends! You are looking at some very Talented people(minus me) right here.

Here is my beloved father n law, Harry, the nicest man you will ever meet.
Not to mention the BEST grilled cheese maker in America. I'm not kidding, he has perfected them.
He started the evening off with some words about our Sweet Davy.
Then we played a slide show of Davy's life. I got kinda choked up, which is dumb cuz I made the slide show. But just seeing all the pictures of her in the Hospital brought back some memories.
We brought Davy in for a lion king moment. We held her up for all to see and then whisked her right on out of there. I'm sure Dr. Sharp would not have approved. But....well, we did it.
Scott and I wanted to say a few words of gratitude. It was really hard to convey how thankful we were to everybody. It actually would be impossible. i felt like my heart was going to explode, their was so much Love in the room that night.
Wowzers, it was a full house. How did my eye not twitch when I spoke?
Now onto the show. Sam, as in "Sammy's", was in charge of this part and he did a fantastic job. First was Calee. She has a Beautiful voice. Like, she could win The Voice, you should really tryout for that Calee.
*photo by Lars lindstrom
Then The brother and sister duo, The Neighbors. Very fun, upbeat and ridiculously good looking.
I'm kinda bummed I didn't get the funny face memo. How did I not know.
Lastly, the very lovely Brooke White. I feel like we became Best friends in 5 minutes. I spent the first 45 minutes of the night telling her my life story, poor thing. Brooke, you were amazing. Thank you SO much. I was very jealous of your yellow vintage dress, BTW.

*photo by Lars lindstrom
After the entertainment, we had an auction. the best part was the end, when Brooke offered up a private concert! C'mon, Brooke...too nice, TOO NICE!
P.S. Sally, you'd better invite me to that!!
But one of my most favorite parts of the night was seeing Joel(another talented Gabba friend) and Jennifer walking away with all these little girl dresses and aprons. They don't even have any kids!! I love that they kept on winning them in the raffle. I think Joel was pretty excited about them too.
I don't think you know how much Davy will benefit(no pun intended) from this. Medical bills are an unfortunate part of our lives now and it's so amazing to have those burdens lifted. This Benefit is not something I could have ever imagined happening for us. But it did and I am eternally grateful. There were so many people who went out of there way to help-- friends, family and people that don't even know Davy.
We feel completely blessed.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

I am tearing up way over here in Alabama. How awesome! So so glad this was able to happen for you and your family. Thank you for sharing the night with the rest of us.

whitneyingram said...

A few notes:

1. Your hair is stellar.

2. Uncle Harry's glasses are adorable.

3. I am sad we weren't there. I knew it would be a knock-it-out-of-the-park type of evening.

Georgia said...


The benefit for Davy looked AMAZING!

Wished we could have been there : (

Jessica Crozier said...

Wow, love this. So wish I could've been there to meet you!! I love how you did the posters, too. Because it's true…most people don't know about panhypo pit or SOD! (and I'm so glad to know that other moms have befriended xanax!!) What a fun night!

Melany said...

wow, looks so amazing. wish i could've come! looking at the pics, you wouldn't think it was a benefit, it looked like an awesome party!

btw, davy's hair is getting so long! adorable.

Sharla Watene said...

Thank you for sharing all these pictures!! I'm so sad that we couldn't be there. Can we do it again next year when we aren't living thousands of miles away? Love you guys!

Debby said...

My first post somehow didn't go through. So here is another.....
What a wonderful support group for a blessed Davie. She is adorable.
Love Brooke White.
Love the couple that won all the little dresses.
I hope this benefit will be a great help to you. Davie is worth every cent.

Melinda said...

That looks so amazing, I'm so glad your family put this together and it went so well! What a blessing to be surrounded by wonderful people!

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

You really do have a lot of great people in your life! :)

I just saw this and thought of you:

Emily said...

Awesome! So glad it went well. I love the photo of you guys on stage and Davy's look on her face is like, "What in the heck are all these people staring at?" So cute, and her hair is getting so long. Thanks for sharing your neat family with complete strangers :) It's definitely a bright spot in my day to see what little ol' Davy and her fam is up to. Happy Day!

mer said...

it was such a privilege to be able to share in such an incredible evening with all of you. GO TEAM DAVY!

(oh and I was totally drooling over Brooke's dress too)

Amanda Joy said...

It all looks so amazing! I am glad that it was such a success. I can't believe how much hair Davy has now, she looks beautiful.

Red She Said said...
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Red She Said said...

What an incredibly heartwarming post. I'm sure it doesn't even convey the gratitude you must have felt that evening. :) Looks like there was quite the turnout! I really do hope the event helped to put a dent in those darn medical bills. Smiling for you in Long Beach. Best, Sierra

Melinda said...

Hey, I was just thinking, can I buy one of those "Team Davy" shirts, because I totally would! :)

Beth said...

It was an amazing wonderful night!

Thanks for the eye spy shout out...It is nice to know someone appreciates me :)

Leslie said...

totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

I would love to buy one (or two) of those adorable crocheted Gabba hats to benefit Davy. You really should get some of this stuff up on Etsy, as your readers would love to help too, from afar!

Ora said...

I'm so glad everything went off without a hitch... but with Beth around that is to be expected ;)

BTW.. your hair rocks. When I try to attempt things like that - I look like I just rolled out of bed.

SoSoBella said...

what an incredible event. everything, everyone is beautiful. what an amazing night.