Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Straw that broke my back

I'm not gonna lie today totally sucked. I guess I should back track a little. The past couple of days Davy has been not her happy self. She isn't smiling as much and she was sleeping a lot. I was thinking maybe growth spurt. She has actually been losing weight so growth spurt was my wishful thinking. Scott and I were at the hospital this morning to start learning physical therapy for Davy, we didn't even get pass introductions with the nurse, when the cardio Doctor came in to tell us there were some new findings on her Heart echo this morning. Once again, not good news. She has what is called a Coarctation of the aorta. It's when the aorta is too narrow in one spot. It basically causes Davy's heart to pump even harder to force blood through the narrow part of the aorta. Because she has this combined with the PDA she will need surgery within a week. And now cue my tears. Then to top it off she will have to be transported to another hospital to have the surgery and most likely not return to UCI. Cue more tears and my nurses tears. That was a really hard blow for me. This has been Davy's (and my home) for the past 6 1/2 weeks. The nurses know and love Davy. And now we start all over again. The only home I wanted Davy to leave UCI for is yellow and 900 square feet. The fact that Davy's nurse cried with me shows how much she really cares for her. She told me through tears how special Davy is and she is a fighter. And the other Hospital is a good Hospital(sniff sniff) and the nurses will love her there too. So there you have it, my little girl will be having her second surgery in under 2 months.


Ashly said...

How long will she be at choc? We will be neighbors. I live like 5 min from choc. If you ever need a place to stay, or
shower, or take a nap or whatever, just let me
know. Also, if you ever need anyone to run over to the hospital for you, I would love to help out!

Ashly said...

I just realized she will probably be at choc
in orange not choc mission viejo. Anyway, if
you are at mission let me know!

stacy said...

ruth, i am so sorry that you have to leave UCI. with all of the change in you life i know how important it must be to have something that feels familiar.

CHOC will be amazing. amie starks says that the nurses in the heart unit are some of her very best friends still.

it is such an amazing blessing what they can do with little hearts. :)

you are all still in my prayers!

Beth said...

I was really thinking she was coming home soon with all the training you and Scott were getting...I was even loosing sleep trying to figure out how we were going to move the bedrooms around to make room for her.

But it is a blessing each time they find something about her health before they send her home.
Let them fix any and everything they can to help her grow healthy.

I agree with Stacy, it is amazing what they can do with little hearts and everything else with these little ones.

Georgia said...

I hope you find comfort in knowing that Davy will be in the BEST POSSIBLE HANDS at Choc. The doctors and nurses there are the best.

I am keeping Davy, the sweet little fighter...in my prayers.

Big hugs to you!

Kim said...

that stinks. all I can say is I love Davy and I only know her through pictures on here! Of course anyone who gets to know her in person will be just as in love! xoxo

Heather said...

She's in my prayers.... and I LOVE the hat. Too cute!

weslie13 said...

Hi Ruth,
It's Weslie...told ya I'm keeping up with you on here. I'm sorry you guys have to leave UCI and that's not just because I work there. I really enjoyed talking with you and wish that we could keep her with us. I wish we did heart sugery. Well I will keep you in my prayers and hope I get to say goodbye before you leave..Do you know what day?

Melany said...

so sorry ruth...this sweet girl can't catch a break! but i'm glad the doctors found the problem with her heart before she was taken home, so she'll be healthier in the long run. i'm sure choc will be just as awesome as uci. i hope her heart surgery goes well, she's in our prayers!

Susie Demke said...

I'm so sorry Ruth. For this new batch of bad news. Perhaps some good news will come from it later.
I hope you are getting some sleep.

Georgia said...

LOL.....Gina wanted to know if someone touched up the pictures and made Davy's eyes bluer than they normally are. She has the bluest eyes! They are beautiful!