Sunday, May 23, 2010

practice makes perfect

I'm starting to get the hang of the shots. Do I like But I can do it. I've been practicing a lot, cuz come Tuesday it will be up to Scott and I to do them. Our baby girl is coming home.
Last Thursday the doctor on rounds told me.......
DR.- (very casually)So I think she can come home maybe Friday or Saturday
me- O kaay......that should be good. My husband gets home from N.Y on Sunday, that should give us time to get things ready.
DR.- no, this Friday and Saturday
me- Dude that's tomorrow! Are you crazy?! I have nothing! No husband, my sister (my biggest help) just left the country, and I have nothing ready. N O T H I N G ! That's when my panic attack started.
I had this vision in my head that when I was told that Davy could come home Scott and I would be together and be so happy and maybe even a rainbow would appear in the hospital room. But instead I felt panic, scared and alone. I had no idea how I was going to to all the things I needed to do all by myself. Well first off , my mom came down to watch my kids, so I could work with my insurance, the hospital, pharmacies, find a pediatrician and I don't even want to tell you about my house or how I didn't even have a crib for Davy to sleep in. Then my sister Jennie called me and said, I'm coming to help you. I started to feel a little better. Then when I came home that night I saw my sisters, Cathy and Terri's car in my driveway. I lost it. I started crying. I'm not alone..... I have my family. My SIL Amber came to help and my other SIL Tania came and scrubbed all my walls. Then my Dad came and took all the kids to the park and movies so we could get the house ready. Why did I start nesting when my baby was 2 months? I should have had this done months ago.
The house is now ready, Scott is home and the panic is gone. I am ready......I think.


Georgia said...

Ruth....I cannot tell you how incredibly happy I am that Davy girl gets to come home! You are truly blessed with amazing family. You are never family is always there for you! So happy to read this post!

The Bogren's said...

You can do it!!! No cords.... just baby Davy, hugs, kisses and love... you got this!!

rookie cookie said...

This all makes me smile. Yeah for families, yeah for miracles and yeah for bringing your baby home where she belongs.

Karin said...

Mark and I are so happy Davy gets to come home. We've been rooting for her this whole time and are amazed at how strong you've been. I can totally relate to the panic, but it sounds like your family's got it handled. So excited to meet her.

Caitlin said...

You can totally do this! It is scary to think about it and it will be scary when there isn't a nurse coming in every 30 minutes. But you are her mom, and you will know when something is wrong. Trust yourself, you are amazing!

PS Dr. Kenneth V. Akey, out of CHOC saved Della's life, literally. He would hold her and hug her and would sometimes give her little kisses on the head. He has seen every patient there is- cancer, mitochondrial disease, etc. He called me at home on the weekends to check on us and he even teared up when we got bad news. Just a thought. I am sure you are so tired of advice and suggestions. I won't be offended if you hate him or whatever.

We are so happy that you can be a family together, just the way it was meant to be.

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

that's so great! i'm so glad your fam was there to help you out. and i'm sure davy is glad to be home too! you can do this ruth! :)

Heather said...

Yea! That is wonderful news. I'm sitting here writing this (well typing anyway) with tears of JOY running down my face (it's a good thing that I can type while crying, I guess). I am SO happy for your family. I'll bet Scott is ecstatic! And the boys, they will love and protect her just as her mommy and daddy would, will, and forever always. Thank you for letting us into your life with your little bundle of JOY.