Thursday, May 20, 2010

2 months

Today my Davy Girl is 2 months.
*She is now a whopping ten pounds and 20.5 inches long.
*She is very alert, loves her mobile and is always trying to hold her head up.
*She has far surpassed what the genetics doctors had guessed for her. Which has taught me something........ never give up hope, Doctors only know so much.
*We are working on breastfeeding and bottle feeding, the most she has taken is 25 cc. So the rest is through the G-tube.
*She has the biggest smile that completely takes over her whole body and my heart.
The nurses tell me she sleeps through the night and I will get to find that out for myself
very soon.
Isn't her strawberry headband cute. I got it on Etsy in my friends shop Jellabeejr.


Wynn Anne said...

LOVE that laugh! And she suits red, definitely.

Becky said...

The strawberries are so adorable on her!
And I LOVE her smile. I hope you DO get to find out soon about her sleeping through the night!!! Prayers coming your way!

Georgia said...

Davy girl is absolutely adorable. Her smile makes me smile! I can't believe she is already 2 months old. Its wonderful that Davy is doing so much more than the doctors expected! She is a little miracle. Keeping you all in my prayers! Big Hugs!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

wow 2 months! so cute in her clippie. :) that first picture is adorable, she definitely looks older and more alert. she has the sweetest eyes, she's totally smise-ing (i hope you know what that means...haha) that's great that she'll be coming home soon hopefully!

Carrie Anne said...

oh what a doll! you're getting closer & closer to having her home....more prayers for that. happy weekend! i hope it's filled with more & more miracles & her eating a TON!:)

Caitlin said...

When I saw the picture my first thought was- Wow! She has gotten bigger! My second thought was- That is the cutest headband I have ever seen!

Hope you all get to be a family together soon.

Jones Family said...

I love the strawberries. She's got such a sweet little face. I can't wait to meet her at a Sunday dinner sometime.
You are too good with your monthly updates.

amber buhrley said...

Wow! I love that little girl!