Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy birthday Drew!!!!

Today is my brother Drew's birthday! I know what your thinking, dang Ruth your family is huge! All I can say is......Mormon.  Here's to Drew......

- Drew is 6 years older then me. So I thought he was the coolest person on the planet earth growing up. I guess I really didn't remember his awkward years(see below pictures)I always remember him with his tony hawk haircut(really long skater bangs).

                                                                                        ( I swear he ended up cool)
_ for a long time I was the bratty younger sister that Drew would give forehead slaps and pink belly to. He hated taking me places, but thank heavens his girlfriend(now wife) loved to. It wasn't until he got home from his mission that we became friends. He would take me and my BFF in his raised convertible Bronco to wherever we wanted. Which usually was Del Taco for MUY MUY MACHO BURRITOS and to the beach. We would play the Violent Femmes and the cult full blast.  Actually I made him drive around Scott's house(back when I had a crush on him) To see if anyone was outside. But then if I saw anybody I would yell "duck" and make him drive off.
- Drew is the gassiest person I know. To the point where it is actually a skill. Every morning he would trap me in my Vanity area and hot box me in. I am happy to say I survived and I have built up an immunity to farts.
- Drew is a big kid,  in the good way. He is the fun Uncle that takes you snowboarding, surfing, ATV riding and gun shooting. He is every little boys dream guy. He is always so much fun to be around. One of my favorite thing is how positive he is. I never here him complain or talk bad about people( unless he is being funny) I always have fun when I visit Him.

-Things I need to thank Drew for....1. For always fixing my cars. New tires, breaks you name it. He always hooks a sista up. 2. This is a big one, Spongebob. Years ago he told me, Ruth You have to watch this show it is funnier then snot. And he was right it is funnier then snot. It got me through my pregnancy with Harper.  3. all my childhood nicknames....Poof, poofy or poofhead. I had a really bad perm growing up, OK?!!

-He took me to my second concert, Depeche mode at dodger stadium. I'll never forget it.
- Drew is friends with everybody! He lives in a small town where literally everyone knows him. Maybe you should run for Mayor Drew. Just an idea.
 Well Hope you had a Happy Birthday Drew and that the surgery was a success! ;)


Georgia said...

Drew sounds like a great brother! The prom picture was AWESOME! Loved the hair!

Happy Birthday Drew!

heather said...

happy birthday drew! i LOVE the high school dance picture.

Beth said...

Ahhhhh! I guess we know who Drew's favorite sister is now! Ruth this was an awesome tribute to a wonderful brother!

Welcome to the 40's! They have been my favorite decade so far!

Thanks for being a great Uncle to my kids... you are the cool uncle!