Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday shout out to Heather!!!

My on going joke with Heather is how we are BFF's and yet there isn't one picture of her and I in her room. I always try to take BFF pictures with her and one day I will blow it up into a poster and frame it for her. One day, one day. But seriously I really struggled to find pictures of us!! Anyways reason why I love Heather.......

1. I love that she collects bathing suits. The girl has more bathing suits then Pac sun!! She always manages to find the CUTEST ones too at Ross for like $5!!! Really i want you to count how many you have.

2. She is the best Auntie. My boys love her. I think it's because she buys them Slurpee's. But she is so much fun and will always call to babysit. How great is that.

3. She is the practical joker of the family. It usually involves scaring the crap out if you. Like the fake rat or the real(dead) lizard. She keeps you on your toes that's for sure.

4. She is the crafty sister. We defiantly have this in common. She has always been this way. We still have the baby blanket she made max. And she always make cute gifts for everyone. She is always so thoughtful.
5. She may not be the best at sports but home girl can DANCE. I always told her to never stop her dancing. She was really good at tap. She also makes up great dances with Ryan for our family talent shows. The best was when she was little her and Lindsey would make up dances to Mariah Carey's dream lover. Those were the days.
6. I really do feel close to Heather. We have alot in, music, doing hair, crafting, a love for Zac Efron, TV shows(Felecity, Greys etc) She has always been a good listener. But she also is a good talker too(which I LOVE!!)She has always taken pity on the bored House wife by telling us about her love life.
7. Speaking of she really has the most amazing boyfriend. I love him and can't wait for the day he is a part of the family. She is such a great girlfriend too. She does so many cute things for him(he's on a mission). He is one lucky guy.

7. She has great style. Any time she borrows something I almost want to just give it to her cuz she makes it look so cute. Like the below Halloween costume. I looked like a beefy German girl and she looked hot(brat).

Once again I could go on and on. Anyone who knows Heather, knows how great she is. I feel very blessed to call her my sister. I have had A LOT of good times with her. Too many to remember or give justice to. I hope you had a great Birthday Heather,  you rule!!!


rookie cookie said...

Heather does rule. You forgot to mention how amazing she dances- with Harrison. LMAO.

Heather is also really good at hair. And she's great for hair gossip too.

Note to self: Find a red pleated skirt.

Georgia said...


Georgia said...

Ok....I must need more caffeine.


amber buhrley said...

Love the picture of Heather and james. She looks great! That was nice of you to put up such good pictures of her! I totally agree with everything you said about her. She is pretty amazing!

Heather said...

Nice try AMber that picture of me and James is FUGLY! i think i weighed like 100 lbs more! BUt he does rule and it was a really needed reason why im so cool!

Thanks whitney! and yes my red pleated skirt is amazing it makes me feel skinny when im not! :)

But thanks Ruth I loved it! I think We need more Bff Pics! I have a couple!

Beth said...

I love your Birthday blogs! I always agree with your reasons why you love her/him and the pictures are always amazing.

Happy Birthday Heather!

heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!! I hope the fact that Wendy share's your bday means that she's going to be like you.

ruth, you forgot to mention my FAVORITE practical joke of heather's: touching a cold iron to your face. people jump EVERY time. it's pretty funny.