Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthdays at Disneyland

As many of you already know, Disneyland has their birthday thing going on this year. Basically you get Disney money or a free ticket in if you go on your birthday. And you know how I am with free things(luuuuuuuv them). So both boys got to go to Disneyland on their Birthdays. We let them pick a friend and a special treat. It was funny how different the two Disney experiences were. Max asked for a couple of treats, but for the most part he was really concerned with trying to hit all of the "big kid" rides. Xoe and Xanthe were very respectful to Max's wishes and let him call the shots. Ollie wanted anything that crossed his path. The statement of the night was" it's my birthday!" He also finagled a build a bear as his special treat. It was a lot more crowded on his day, so it was a little harder of a trip. But I think everyone had a fun time.

Ollie's one ride he had to go on was the rapids ride. When we started the line it was warm out, an hour later, when we were on the ride, it was freezing. Ollie's and Rocky's goal was to get the wettest. Ollie won.
before after

We kept the kids hopped up on sugar. Rocky was downing his like it was his last meal.
This is Ollie making his wish on the build a bear heart. And yes he wished for the same wish he always wishes for..... everyone to listen to him and give him gum. He picked out another dog and named him Harry Potter.


Christy said...

hahaha. I LOVE your kids. I crack up every time I read your posts. That picture of the girls and Max is so rad. And you're lookin so skinny! You go girl! One day...Ollie's gonna get his wish. And then he's gonna turn into the mad scientist trying to overtake the world.

Heather said...

haha those pictures were awesome! i loved the one about Rocky downing it like its his last meal! THis post made me laugh...the boys are so darn cute!

Spencer Family 6 said...

Ruth you look so good! What a fun time! Your family is so cute and everyone takes the coolest pictures!
Thanks for the post on my blog. It meant a lot. I have had it sooo easy for way tooo long and now it is my turn for the fun trials that I guess we all have to go through. THanks again!

Nan said...

I of course absolutely loved this post. I am SO happy our boys are in love with eachother and thanks for taking Rock to Disneyland. He always has a blast with you and Scott.

michelle robinson said...

Where's Harper?

Heather Pierre said...

Pierre of Paris says "what you came to Eurodisney and didn't stop by?"

Tata says "we wish we were there"

They both say hello to everyone.

Gwendolyn says "why greetings fellow terrans, i wish you well in all your endeavours" ... in only ONE syllable! ("gwaaaew!") Quite impressive.

(come to Paris Ollie!)

Beth said...

Now I know why have the urge to give Olie gum everytime I see him...I already listen to him : )

I love that kid!!

Anonymous said...