Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let them eat cake

I have to say Harper did not disappoint in the eating of his first cupcake! He was not shy about it. He dove right in and pounded that thing in 1 minute.

This is the point where he realized that cupcakes are way better then that other crap he'd been eating.

I 've been trying to do "baby sign" with Harper. This is the sign he made up for food. He blows air in and out(like we do for his hot food) So basically he is asking for cake #2.
Meanwhile Franco is eating like a perfect gentleman. I don't think he even finished one.

Seriously the kid loved his cupcakes. He couldn't contain his joy. I guess he takes after his Mom.
Sometimes I feel like acting this way after I eat Sprinkles.


Beth said...

Too cute! He really did dive into his cupcake! Yum!

Kim said...

Honestly Ruth- he is edible he is so cute!!