Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A date with my baby

Last night I went on a Hot date with my Man! It was so much fun to get some much needed one on one time with Max. Time is going by so fast. Soon he will be turning 8 and getting baptized. Then he'll be a teenager and will have to stop dating his Mom and date a girl.(not if I can help it) We started the night out at Target where Max bought some much needed Pokemon cards. Then we went home and tried to play the game .Which I am pretty sure Max was making it up as he went along.(he won)
When the game was over we went to Color Me Mine and painted some plates. Max picked out a special plate for a special persons birthday present. Then we went to Cold Stone and had dessert first!!!(cuz that's how I roll) *side-note* Have you all tried the tart and tangy yogurt there? Awesome and only 25 calories!!! After dessert we had dinner at a pizza place that has individual TVS, so we could watch spongebob while we ate. It was so much fun! I am going to try to do this regularly.


Georgia said...

Sounds like an awesome date! One on one time is so good! It will be something that Max remembers when he is older.

Where is the pizza place with individual TVs? When I was young we used to go to Sizzler. It had individual TVs. I loved it. I used to watch I Love Lucy (that says how old I am, doesn't it???).

cJb said...

I wish I was Max. How rad would it be to go watch spongebob while eating pizza with Mom Ruth?!


Susie Demke said...

Okay let me just say something about the Pokemon game. Max was not making up the rules. I've found and I'm sure you have a good idea that it is a weird confusing, very complicated game that feels like it could be classified under a card version of Calvinball (remember that) anyway, there are like 1,000 rules that change and mutate, often. You find out the rules at school from the kid who has a really nerdy big brother. And they get it. It's crazy. I just play along with Gavin which means I sit there and nod and he plays for both of us.
Aren't those dates the best. This is why I love little boys. Excuse me- my little boys.

heather said...

Dessert FIRST! That's what I'M talkin' about!

Jeremy said...


Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog. I was wondering if you could share that story you shared with me YEARS ago about that girl that had to go pee in the freezing cold of Provo and got stuck on the bumber. Oh, what a story.

Anyway, could you tell scott to PLEASE email me. We come up to Disneyland all the time (from San Diego).

Jeremy Hackworth

Jones Family said...

Max is looking so grown up!