Monday, November 24, 2008

The Harper and Franco Circus!!!

This Saturday was Harper's First Birthday Party! We had a joint Party with Franco. It was so much fun to throw a party with someone else. I highly recommend it. It made it way less stressful and alot more fun. Of course I took a TON of pictures so for those of you who were not there you are now invited via blog. The next couple of posts will all be birthday(sorry).

                          This was what you saw right when you came in. Get it ? Popcorn...circus.
                                                      I thought we were pretty clever.

Harper started off the day kinda of crabby. I swear all my kids at their first birthday party were that way. Overstimulated I guess. He got in a better mood after I gave him some pizza. 


cJb said...

Happy Birthday boys! Awwww man, why do I have to miss out on all the good times? Wow, before you know it these guys will be tearin up the streets and getting into all sorts of trouble.. But for now: Watch out World!

amber buhrley said...

it was fun! Way to go, it looked amazing and was way fun!

Beth said...

I know I am always happier after some pizza!

When you read your title, it kinda sounds like the names of the clowns at the circus!

It was an amazing party.

stevewitten60 said...

I think all the attention they get from everybody kind of freaks kids out on their first b-day. why is everyone staring at me? They're too young to understand what's going on. Can't wait for the pics.