Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Better late then never!

Sunday was this fine lady's birthday and I was not on the ball with my Ode to Amber. So like I said up there Better late then never...................
1. I feel a very close to Amber for so many reasons. Not only have I been her Sis-in-law but I've been her hairdresser for the past 14 years. I was the first to color her hair, first to chop it off short. I did her hair for every dance (including when she was prom queen) up to her hair for her wedding. I also took her shopping for the dresses for all those events!
2. Amber is one of those people you can talk to so easily. I have laughed, cried and complained to her alot. But why I really love her is cause it's not one sided. She tells me all her secrets too. She also will give you the best advice for most situations.
3. Amber is a DO-ER. She can do anything. And she usually makes look easy or fun. She is the reason I'm a blogger. She even helped me set up my account. She always womps up a girl movie night, or card night you name it.
4. She likes to have fun. She is the girl that will get up and dance on a bar at Coyote Ugly.
5. She sensitive and caring. I can always count on her to be the one crying with me at the movies, church or any other cry-worthy situation. 
6. The girl knows the most random quotes from movies. And there usually said at just the right time to make you laugh.
5. She is an awesome Mom to 2 of the cutest kids ever. I love them like my own. I am so glad that they live so close so I can be a part of their lives. Ollie is obsessed with them.

 I am so glad to have her in Cali for the next 2 years. It's already going by so fast. I'm hoping/praying to find a way to get them to stay.


Beth said...

Amber is amazing!!

She used to work for me as a Wedding photographer’s assistant. This wasn’t an easy job. She had to help me clam down and not get too stressed out over any small problems, which usually happened at each wedding.

Not to mention she was there to repair any disasters for the bride. If the flowers started falling apart on the bouquets or corsages, no problem!...She could fix it or make a new one. If a wedding cake started leaning or was munched no problem!!..She would make it look like new.

One time a bride was unhappy with how her cake turned out, No Problem!!…Amber took some flowers and dressed it up into something beautiful.

She had all these talents which were amazing because she worked for me when she was still in High School! She was maybe 17 at the time. Plus she is so cute, at every single wedding, the groomsmen would be hitting on her.

I always felt she made me look a little better just having her working with me at each wedding.

Happy Birthday Amber!

amber buhrley said...

wow ruth...thanks! You are so awesome for all the nice things you said. I appreciate it! Thanks Beth too. I had a terrific birthday! Thanks for the awesome chocolate cake and gift!

cJb said...

Happy Birthday Amber!

November birthdays rule!