Monday, September 6, 2010

Ollie's first day of school

This was Ollie's first day of Kindergarten picture. I know what a loser, I didn't blog about his first day of school.
I am the mom that tears up on the first day of kindergarten. It makes me sad to lose my little buddy to the system. I'm no longer the cool all knowing mom. Teacher always trumps mom. It's crazy to see the difference one year makes. In kindergarten Ollie was really excited to learn how to read. That way he could play Zelda all by himself.
This year I asked Ollie what he was most excited to learn and he said.....Potion making. Poor boy, I think he has confused Arovista with Hogwarts. He is really hoping to be a potion making spy who does art when he grows up.
We were so lucky to have his cousins, Eliza and June in his class last year. They had the best class with the best teacher.

This year they were all split into different classes. I don't know who was more sad.... the moms or the kids.

I have to admit this year there were no tears on the first day of school.
We were all ready for it.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Did you make the adorable Tie T-shirt?

Georgia said...

Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (no not Christmas).....but Back To School!!!! LOL

He's grown so much Ruth.....seems like you just had him.

amber buhrley said...

So sad!

amber buhrley said...

I read this post to Eliza and after I read "the moms or the kids" she shrunk her shoulders and said kids! I wish I was in Ollies class again!

Beth said...

Ollie looks so much older...what a difference a year makes.

tracyjax said...

I'm diggin their hair cute

Joanna Wilson said...

man, you have cute kids

Cathy Woodruff said...

The next thing you know you'll be sending them off to college... I hope everything is ok with Max.