Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The queen is 4

Our little bird is 4 months now. This month went by WAY to fast. Our Davy has almost been at home as long as she was in the NICU. Let's see what has been going on for Davy....

* she is now 12 pounds 15 ounces and 23 1/4 inches. She is in the 40% for both but she is in the 10% for her head. It's hard to tell cuz she has a chubby face. But I can tell when I try to put a hat on her, she looks like mush mouth from Fat Albert.
* She is still fighting off her first cold. But she is definitely on the mend. I'm currently building a bubble to keep her in. Wouldn't that be nice?
* I'm sad to say she hasn't laughed since the last(and first) time she did it. I 've been trying really hard to, I guess she doesn't get my jokes.
* she has tooth #2 growing. Coincidentally out of the same nub that tooth #1 came out of.
* she had formula for the first time and was throwing up all morning from it. I'm talking crazy throw up. I'm trying all that I can do to keep my milk supply up, but my body just won't produce as much as she needs. In fact I'm pumping as I type. Was that TMI? I'm trying to make pumping as fun as possible. I have it set up next to the computer so i can look at blogs or shop. I kinda look forward to pumping now.
* She loves playing pat a cake with Harper and Ollie. Her brother really love to help with her. Some times too much.
You know to be honest she really hasn't done a lot of changing this month. But that's OK, she's only 4 months. I am constantly amazed by this little girl . All she has to do is give you one smile and it makes your day. I know her life is not going to be easy, I just hope she never stops giving her full body smiles.


Stephanie said...

I love full body smiles. (what a perfect way to describe that!)

Happy 4 months to your sweet girl. I'm glad she is feeling better. :)

kimmomofeight said...

Happy 4th month :) She looks so sweet and sparkly...

My littlest is almost 4 months and hasn't changed much in the last bit either; I think they use this month to gear up :)

Noelle Reese said...

Davy is such a doll baby! The first 2-3 weeks of Carlee's life I had to pump too. All. The. Time. I had to hold the 'cups' up with both hands so my DH, or DD or anyone walking by LOL would have to turn the pages of my book for me LOL They say if you drink a beer you can produce more milk. That makes no sense to me what-so-ever but I have heard that more than once. Carlee was so addicted to my milk I breastfed her until she was 2.5 years old!! She is now 2.9 and still says MILKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK every time I get out of the shower LOL I hope your milk supply gets better. Pumping isn't easy, I commend you for your dedication. BFing is supposed to be easy.
I just wanted to give you a little encouragment from one BF mom to another. :-)

Georgia said...


Her full body smiles definitely make me smile.
Thanks for sharing : )

Damaris said...

she'll be fine. There is no way she wouldn't be with such fabulous silver outfits in her life.

Now I'm going to give you breast feeding advice. take this as a grain of salt or don't even take it. First of all, I totally have a hard time breast feeding my second child. However, I had a super easy time breast feeding my first and had more milk than I knew what to do with so I donated to the milk bank and a local family who had just adopted a baby. This might gross you out but I'm from Brazil and people nurse each other's babies all the time so I never knew it was weird in America until someone saw me nursing my nephew and got totally offended. Anyway, maybe you have a local milk bank near by or a friend that has more milk than she knows what to do with.

good luck.

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

love that felt crown! so cute. and you are the queen of making cute onesies. if our next baby (whenever that happens) is another girl i'm going to steal all your ideas, ok?

happy 4 months davy! she gets cuter with every post.

Rachel said...

I love your blog. I can't believe she is four months already.

I was just gonna say if you need to increase your milk supply beer can do it, Noelle is right, an ale would be better. Also you can take natural herbs. Fennugreek and also Blessed Thistle. One of the side affects is your sweat will smell like maple syrup, but I've heard it works well from a lot of my clients. Good luck with everything.

Becky said...

Hey Ruth,
I can't believe she's already 4 months!
On the pumping and supply--stay away from beer. ;0)
I had trouble nursing Christian AND Jenna, so I pumped for three months with each. I know how much work it is, so You Go Girl!! I really wanted to make nursing work with Ashley, so I went to the lactation specialist Every Week for three months! (You may already know this.) For women with supply problems (for any reason, but especially with pumping) she recommended Fenugreek. You can find it at places like GNC or herbal supply. It's not at Target, Albertsons, or Walgreens locally. I've checked recently. You can probably get it online more easily.
She also recommended trying Blessed Thistle (which I found at Ralphs once), but not as highly as the Fenugreek.
The Dickens' dau. in law just had twins that are in two different NICUs, so she's doing tons of pumping too. Those two herbs were recommended to her also, as well as OATMEAL. I think she might have even specified WITH raisins. That one is new to me, but is so healthy it can't hurt to try, right?
I hope you find something that helps. Good luck.

rookie cookie said...

Maybe take advantage of all of the cousins and sisters in-law and see if they would be willing to pump for you. Jacque pumped for Van for a few weeks and it was so great.

I am sure if you asked, you wouldn't have a problem getting some.

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh! This has to be the cutest post of them all! She looks so plum and happy with her little crown.I love her little eyebrows, there's just so much character in them!