Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pine wood Derby

Tuesday night was the pine wood Derby. You all remember what happened with the rocket races, well we were not about to let that happen again. We talked to a bunch of Dads who had winning cars and incorporated all their tricks. We meant SERIOUS business with this car. Max decided he wanted a bullet shape car( should i be worried? first a dagger, now bullet) It looked good, but c'mon that means nothing in the scout world. All they care about is the win. So I gave Max the pep talk before the race......It's about fun blah blah blah(lies). But he seemed actually pretty confident that the golden MA-Sean (it's name)was going to win. In fact he was already telling everyone that before the race even began. But guess what? He totally won!!! I'm not gonna lie, it was so much better winning then losing. All the hard work paid off. Scott really went all out on this one.

                                                      The golden MA- Sean

The first of many wins. I took some video that I will try to post cuz he was AMAZING. He would do this funny dance and then shout I WON!!! I WON!!!!! He was not a very gracious winner. I kept waiting for him to yell" IN YOUR FACE!"

                                Max also got a ribbon for best design

They let Ollie race his too. This is the light saber of goodness. He actually did pretty good too. They even gave him a ribbon. He was soooo excited he kept sayin "my very first reward, I can't believe it!"

One reason why I love my in-laws is that I can send a text 10 minutes before to tell them to come, and they all showed up. It was fun having them there for Max. I will say, Max put on a good show for every one, he was so excited. 


Georgia said...


The car looked amazing.... it really looked a lot like a bullet : )

It really isn't about winning...but when you do sure feels good.

Congrats to Max!!!

michelle robinson said...

Awesome, we are so looking forward to this. Of course Mac is only 3.

michelle robinson said...

Man, that car is um... PG version? Maybe suggestive?