Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet Charlie

*side note. Ollie told me I had to take these pictures of him, so I wouldn't miss him when I went to Australia.

Before you say" Ruth your crazy!" See the look on Ollie 's (and Charlie's)face. What could i do, the boy actually needed a dog. We got the dog from our good friends, Mossi and Sharla. They just had a baby and were living in a 1 bedroom apartment. I know the decision wasn't easy for them, but I think it's hard to deny the love affair between Ollie and Charlie. Ollie has given him a new middle name of Sparkles. So Charlie Sparkles Schultz is our newest member of the family. I even caught husband talking baby talk" Ohhh Charlie, what a good dog you are". I knew we had a keeper then. I can attest he is the BEST dog in the world!!! He is completely trained, sleeps 70% of the day, doesn't shed and is the only thing in my house that actually listens to me. I swear he is part cat cuz he loves to snuggle on your lap. Mossi told us that he would only give us him on one condition, if we ever fall out of love with him, we will give him back. Ollie told me, Mom, even if we fall out of love with Charlie, let's not give him back ever. Sorry Mossi I just don't ever see it happening. No take backs.

Is it me or has Ollie and Charlie been making the same face expressions?

Ollie 5 reasons why he loves Charlie.....
1. Charlie lets me scratch his belly.
2. He listens to me.
3. He likes to sleep in my bed with me.
4. He is my BEST freind!!!
5. He watches Tom & Jerry with me. ( not like Auntie Heather)


Beth said...

Cute pictures!!

How did you get Charlie to pose with the same face expressions?

jenn said...

i love him! is ollie wearing charlie's doggie collar?

Heather said...

hey listen up...i watched plenty of Tom and Jerry that week...haha

the sister said...

That is so cute!!! I cant wait to come out to play Charlie and everybody else!!!

Georgia said...

Is this the dog I "heard" about? Haa-haa-haa.

What another one? I have a little chihuahua. I will bath him, and I will even put a bow on him!

Just kidding. Dogs are important!!!