Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Brown Reunion

This was hands down one of the best reunions I've been to. I couldn't decide if it was because we got to borrow my parents motor home or if it was the location of the reunion. It was really nice to not be in a tent, especially since Harper was teething/double ear infection and up screaming all night. But he was pretty happy during the day. The reunion was at a church owned property called Warm Springs( in Nevada). It was SO AWESOME! You camped on grass, not dirt, so no dirty kids. There was a river that ran through the campgrounds that was warm and shaded with palm trees. I felt like I was in Hawaii. They had a huge pool and play grounds. Not a lot of people came cuz it was during the school week but it made it seem more low key and fun. I would love to come back here for sure. I asked Ollie and Max what he liked best....
Ollie- going swimming in the pool. Finding the others(creepy)I think he meant cousins. 
Love, Ollie
Max- I liked playing with cousins and going on an adventure with Dad.

A Family pic in front of the glorious motor home.
Uncles Sam trying to get Ollie to sat his name.
I love this picture, Max is so happy and Tiahna(spelling?) looks dead.
Harper loved the golf cart(almost as much as grandpa)
All the cousins going on rides with Grandpa.

The warm river, pretty huh?

This was one of the games they played at the pool. You tried to collect as many balls as you could. I love that Rocky just had 2 and you can guess where he put them.
                                                            More pictures here


Katie Schultz said...

You took some amazing pictures. If we had to compete on who took the better pictures at the Brown reunion you would win for sure. But if it was a baby shower game competition you know I would own you.

Georgia said...

Looks like a super fun trip. Don't you just love motorhomes?

Cute pictures!

Christy said...


I love all the pictures. We have to definitely go there for sure for another reunion.

heather said...

dude, WARM water and NO dirt? why don't the wittens go there??

the sister said...

I love where Ruby put her balls !!!
So Fun