Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My little Harrison is growing up

I have been apart of Harrison's life since he was like 2. I feel I have a strong bond with him, we are both the youngest of 8, we love the same music, movies, TV and style. He is the little brother that I never had, but always wanted. Last week he graduated High school!! Which is happy/sad.
1. It means I'm old (sad)
2. He gets to leave home and go to college(happy)
3. He is leaving (sad)
4. He is growing up(happy)
5. no more graduation ceremonies for a long time(happy)
Anyways I'm way proud of you, Harrison. Now go make momma proud!


Heather said...

how come i loved this post! We all look so happy!

stacy said...

i can not believe it! that is so crazy. i remember 10+ years ago when i was pregnant with tristan telling christy that i was either going to name him tristan or harrison and she told me her little bros name was harrison. i met him and asked him if he thought it would be cool if they had the same name. he was so little and cute and now he's big and cute and on his way in the world and it seems so weird. i still think of him as that little dude. WOW!

amber buhrley said...

Great pictures. I wish I could have been there. How come I finally live in california and then happen to be visiting Idaho during graduation. That really sucks!

Christy said...

Amazing pictures. And I'm so glad we're done with graduations. Until Xoe & Xanthe. Only 8 years of freedom.

Katie Schultz said...

amazing pictures. I love that photoshop effects one... with him receiving his diploma. He has grown up a lot just in the short time I have known him