Friday, June 19, 2009

food, glorious food!

** warning long post about to happen**
Like i said before, food is really important to my husband (myself included) when we are on vacation. When we talk about our past trips, it's always....remember that vegetarian meal in Florence? No mention of how glorious the David statue was, go figure. This trip I decided to document our meals. I got a little sloppy towards the end but there were a lot of great food memories created in Australia.

1. our first meal was at an organic bakery. I got a turkey, cranberry, brie, carrots, lettuce and sprouts on fresh baked bread. I was very happy. Some times I need lunch to be light and easy, and this was.
Scott was walking around the city saying how he would love to move here, until we bought a drink. NO ICE!!!! That my friends is a deal breaker for any Schultz. The best drink we ever found in Australia was at (drum roll please)...Hungry Jacks, which looked an awful lot like Burger king. Don't worry though, we only got drinks at fast food places.

2. I was really excited when I found out that Sydney had a Wagamamas. This was my favorite place to eat in England. It's a Japanese restaurant that has The cutest staff i have ever seen. They serve yummy fresh fruit juice concoctions like, apple mint lime(my fav.)
This is there chicken salad, it's dressing alone made me buy their Wagamama cookbook.
Scott got a spicy chicken stir fry.

But the winner of the night was my spicy ramen. It was so yummy!!

Scott ended up finishing it off for me.
This was from a famous fish place on their wharf. It was a Salmon on mash with a garden salad. Scott liked it, but it was a little too fishy for me.

3.Oh man one of my favorite meals was our first night in Melbourne. it was at a vegetarian place called Soul Mama's. It was cafeteria style, so you walked down the line with your tray and picked your chow. It may not look like it from the picture, but IT WAS AMAZING. I will dream of those potatoes and pumpkin and lentils. Yummy yum yum.
4. I know this is looks like only a muffin, it actually was the WORLDS best muffin. Pear and white chocolate chips. We came back the next day for one. Not pictured is the fluffy banana pancakes I scarfed down. I had those the next day too. They must have been really good cuz I never even thought of taking the picture, only eating them.
5. Banana nutella crepe from a french dude who did not speak English, enough said.
6. Luke took us to this sports bar Restaurant that had pretty much every type of food. I got pumpkin ravioli with spinach and pine nuts. So good, Scott finished this one too.
7. This was the last meal in OZ. Our friend Libby took us to this quaint hippie type restaurant that had a line out the building.(always a good sign) It was GOO-OOD. I had a veggie burger with olive tampanade, red bell peppers, spinach and Swiss. it was a great way to end our trip, A light lunch with fun conversation. We actually almost missed our flight cuz we were having so much fun.
I will remember this trip fondly, thanks to all these meals. I thought for sure I was gonna come back 10 pounds heavier. But thanks to all the walking, I only gained a well deserved pound. not bad, huh?


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Larsen Party 24/7 said...

that really is a well deserved pound! all that food looks sooo yummy. a pear muffin with white chocolate chips? wow.

Xanthe Villa said...

WOW!!! If you ever saw the movie: Ice Age Meltdown at one part the vulchars are singing a song called, Food. Sooooo funny. In Germany there is no ice too.

stevewitten60 said...

I don't know what's best about your blog: the writing or the pictures. I usually don't remember to take pictures for the blog until I am boarding the plane for the trip home.

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