Wednesday, June 24, 2009

she ain't what she used to be

I have been feeling old lately. Is it the 3 kids, Harrison graduating, turning 34(in August), this list could go on and on. I went shopping at Urban Outfitters and right when I walked in I feel the workers eye on my saying "lady, Chico's is 2 stores down." I guess I should have gotten ready for the day. So I went to try some things on and when I looked in the mirror I felt Old and uncool. I needed a change. My facebook needs an update. So I went home, got my shears and chop chopped some bangs. And guess what? I still felt old and uncool. Whatever. I have only had them for 3 days. My SIL, Heather says she always hates her bangs for the first week. Hmm, I dunno.


Christy said...

Isn't the title supposed to be preceded by, "The Old Gray Mare...She ain't what she used to be". hahaha. I hear ya. I was uncool even when I was young. So you at least had that goin for ya. And because I've always been uncool, telling you you are still "cool" won't mean much. Btw, I really like the bangs.

Kim said...

oh Ruth-its just one of those weeks or something, you'll see! You'll catch some 20 something checking you out in the car and it will all be better :) You're a cool mom, you have to know it.

heather said...

If it makes you feel any better you look alot like Neve Campbell in the last picture, and she's pretty hot.

ps. this is Ryan

vanessa lamb photography said...

1. i like the bangs and heather is right it always takes me a while to get used to my stright bangs after they have grown out and you cut them agian


2. your totally cool! you've always been the hip young aunt i would LLLOOOVEEE to raid your closet ANYDAY

stacy said...

so sorry love. i'll be 34 soon too and i am soooo feeling it. you look beautiful!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

psch! whatever ruth! you are the coolest! those urban outfitters workers can suck it. i had the same feeling though when i went into forever 21 the other day and saw a bunch of little teenagers and i'm 24...your bangs look way cute! i hope i look as good as you after i have 3 kids!

Carrie Anne said...

this is why i added bangs last month, too.:) i hear you sister!

love love love the posts on australia...especially the food. i'm a food lover, too, & i love that you shared all the food you ate. that rocks.

congratulations on the live show!!! way to go! i was telling james about scott & his show etc. & he said, "good for him! he has worked really hard." gotta love musicians who can appreciate each others hard work & dedication.


Georgia said...

Thanks Ruth....if you feel old at 34, imagine me at 45!!

I tell ya what lets you know you are getting old....jet lag. I used to be able to travel, and just bounce back with the time adjustment. Not anymore....I feel like I have been hit by a truck, and we have been back for 4 days now : )

Caitlin said...

Forget those silly hipster children who work at UO. Everyone knows that you are a J. Jill kind of gal! Chico's!?! How insulting.

PS I like the bangs, but I also live in Texas and that might negate my vote since my exposure to hair horrors is very high. Kind of like people who live near a toxic waste site.

Elkhorn Springs 1st Ward Young Women said...

Oh look just like your Sister (and my friend) Jennie. If you consider yourself old at 34, what the heck is 51? Yeah, that's right, your Sis has a friend in her 50's. I personally like the straight bang!!!!
Michele Anderson

Heather Pierre said...

I thought you were 21yr??!!

I try to keep up...well that would mean that you were like 12 when you had your first baby aka child bride!

You are beautiful so whatever you do looks stunning