Monday, March 30, 2009

Party at the Schultz house

The day before Ollie's Birthday we had a little family party at Grammy and Papa's house. I say little, but that means like 35 people. Mormons.....sheesh. Ollie had a blast. It doesn't take much for a 5 year old to be happy. I am trying to take advantage of this while I can. We had dinner courtesy of Bashful Butler catering. Then We had a blue(Ollie's fav color right now) funfetti cake with rainbow sherbet. 
I tell my boys they can always tell mommy their wishes and they still come true. This year Ollie's wish was... that everyone will listen to him and give him a piece of gum too. The boy loves gum and I hardly ever let him have it. So I guess it's wish worthy.
Ollie's favorite gifts this year were his sword & shield from Katie and Ben, his Indiana Jones action figure from the Buhrleys and his Mario PJ's from Xoe & Xanthe.


cJb said...

DUDE! I totally had wooden swords like that when I was a kid. A sure sign that Ollie is going to turn out awesome. Wooden sword= destined for awesomeness.

vanessa lamb photography said...

that cake was A-MAZING i need you to write down that recipe for me cause i've been craving it ever since

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

those gummy letters on the cake are so cute and clever. i remember i was always bugging my mom for gum but she would never let me have it because she thought i'd choke on it or something. she only let me have it in church so i'd be quiet.

amber buhrley said...

Great pictures!