Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thank you everybody!!

After Max's baptism everyone headed for the Schultz house for dinner and cake.The affair was the size of a small wedding. And the food? The food was so good!! Can I say I am glad my Father in law didn't pursue law!! He is such an amazing caterer. He can put a party on like no ones business! When talking about food for the dinner I was thinking sandwiches or spaghetti. But oh no, Harry grilled steaks!! He even hired two workers to help with the food.  Amber and Nan made yummy salads to make the meal perfect!! I can't thank you enough guys. It made it so I could really enjoy the day stress free. Max had fun with all of his cousins. He got so many cool presents that he loved. Thanks to you who traveled long distances to be there with us. You made the day extra special!!!
Xoe and Xanthe came up with idea to tell Max we couldn't have a party anymore so we could "surprise" Max . And he totally fell for it.
Max with both sets of grandparents
Max blew out his candles during the middle of the birthday song. I guess he didn't want to wait any longer to open his presents.

Aunt Katie made him this sword and shield. he loved it. Ollie was really jealous. 
Ryan was kind enough to do " Mr. Happy". If you don't know what that is, your gonna have to ask him to do it!!! It always makes us laugh.


Christy said...

so, is that how Xoe & Xanthe's hat got stretched out? I see Mr. Happy wearing it. Hehe. Ya, that was an amazing party. Nothing like a Schultz gathering. I'm so glad we didn't miss out on that and it was so good seeing all your family.

Katie Schultz said...

So much Fun. The food was amazing, the company amazing, just bummed I wasn't around for "Mr. Happy", just wondering did he stay happy, or was it the usual "Mr. I am pissed that I got pressured into doing this stupid song and dance again"?

Beth said...

It was an amazing party.

I know all the Wittens were impressed with the food...not like our usual Little Cearsars cheap $5.00 pizza.

I really dig Max's Mr T t-shirt