Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rent it!

I actually rented a movie the other day. For some reason I have gotten lazy with my renting(i know i know netflix, duh). Scott was working late and rather then spending the evening alone i spent it with The son of Rambow. I LOVED this movie!!! Growing up, my brother and I always played Rambo. He always was Rambo and I was Ranbow's crazy sister. We would grab moms steak knives and plow are way through the creek bed.(Sorry Mom) Do yourself a favor and RENT THIS NOW! (then call me up so we can chat about)


Beth said...

I heard that was a cute movie...Nathan I are going rent it for tonight I will let you know how we liked it!

Crystal said...

Corey and I rent movies alot, I saw that one when were at Blockbuster the other day. I'll mention it as a option next time we go rent a movie. :]
Quiet the change from our last two movies "He was a quiet man" and "Grindhouse".