Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Nancy and Nanette!

Today is my Motherinlaw and sisterinlaws day of birth. This blogs to you ladies!
Let me tell you about Nan(ette)....
1. she has the funniest sense of humor. she loves to laugh and play jokes on people(like touching you with an iron that is not plugged in. you jump every time)
2. THE BEST COOK. she enjoys cooking gourmet style. and i have been fortunate enough to reap the benefits.
3. she is so kind to everyone. she never speaks unkindly of others.
4. her home is like a b&b. she has a basket in her guestroom with anything you could need. she cooks her tasty meals and plans a fun filled day for you and your kids.
5. I chose that picture of her with her son cuz it totally reminds me of her. she is an amazing mother. she is so loving, patient and seeks perfection when it comes to her family/kids. they are lucky to have such a great mom
6. i know you don't think so, but you are the most organized person i know. in the best way. it is an inspiration for me.
Nan you have been a good friend to me. i am blessed to have you in my family. thanks for all you do. now onto Nancy.....

What can i say about this lady....
1. she is an inspiration as a mom. just look at how awesome her son is. actually all of her kids. they are so close to her. 
2. she always becomes the life of the party, especially at family functions(see above picture) she loves to make others laugh.
3. we share a love of people magazine. 
4. i love when she tells me a story about anything, she tells you every little detail. down to what they are wearing.
5. she is such a great grandma. she unselfishly watched max for me, once a week, when i had to go back to work, i will never forget that.
6. she has given me great advice. like how to bake a potato, what to do with sick kids and how to make a bud vase for a wedding.
thank you for all that you have done for us. (especially when i'm sick and pregnant.) i really lucked out in the inlaw department.


Christy said...

Dangit! You beat me to it. I totally had this blog about them started and had the most stressful day so I couldn't finish it. And everything about Nanette you took! Thanks a lot! Now I have to start over (hehe. not that big of a deal) Anyway, it'll be a Happy Belated Birthday now. :) you didn't blog about Harry and Nancy's anniversary being on the same freakin day too! They love September 10!

Beth said...

You are luckey...Such amazing inlaws! What a great family!

Katie Schultz said...

Dido to all of that- Nancy watched Ruby a lot for me when I had to go back to school, and Nan is everything you said and more. I should just link my blog to yours for family birthdays.

heather said...

that picture of nancy is AWESOME! and i remember the "guest basket." i try to do that when people stay at my house, but all they get are free tubes of toothpaste, floss, and toothbrushes.

Jones Family said...

Nanette was the person who told me about Baby Wise. I will forever be in debt to her for that.

Hannah was 5 1/2 months old and woke up about every hour to nurse. She gave me the tools to get her to sleep through the night. PRICELESS!

I love Nanette! She probably doesn't even know it!