Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Harry!

                                      *cake made by june berrett*
My man is 37! The best part about it is, he thought he was 37 all year until last week when he asked me how old he was going to be. Thirty seven i said. What!? Well i'd better live up my last days of 36. He then said "on the positive note I get to redo my 37th year, right?"

You ready to get to know Scott a little?..................
1. He is best friends with a 7 and 4 year old. They wait all week til saturday, which is dubbed as"playday". And they jam as much fun in a day as they can...bowling, arcades, camping. chocolate milks.
We got him this #3 dad shirt as a joke, cuz c'mon he clearly is #1. He would definately beat out any other Dad. He wakes up early every morning  to make pancakes for Max. Which also makes him the #1 husband too.
2. Scott loves his "drinkies" particularly coke with plenty of ice. 2nd runner up is jamba juice. Please note his drinks must have ice. ( and no I did not let Harper drink the coke)
3. He is very picky when it comes to movies. He either has to go see the cheesiest sci-fi Vin Diesel movie or the crazy art house flick. Nothing in between. Ok maybe a Will Ferrell movie. He would rather be shot in the eye than see a romantic comedy.
4. He loves to try new things. Like new foods and new ways to move the furniture in our house. He likes to change it up. While I don't like to change. So I resist . But in the end he wins and I usually admit he was right. I really wished i would have listen sooner about moving our bedroom.
5. I LOVE love love it when Scott gets chatty. It usually is about something really random. And when I'm really tired. 
6. He loves to make list and notes and drawings in little note books. He has a ton of them. 
7. He is a scaredy cat. My favorite thing to do is hide in the bathroom and jump out at him. I  think i'm going to give him a heart attack one day.
8. People tend to think Scott is shy. He is not. He just chooses not to talk.
I KNOW i am the lucky one in this duo. Scott is the kindest, most patient person I have met. (he deals with me right ) I often joke that he's gonna have to sneak me into Heaven or visit me down below.


rookie cookie said...

I don't think anyone doesn't like Scott. He is so nice and you can tell by how he acts that he is a good dad and that he respects his wife. Your boys will be good husbands and dads because of Scott- and you too:)

kristyn said...

Thanks for having a bithday Scott and making Alta's year.

cJb said...

Scott, thank you for being born. I would definitley put you on my famous people to meet someday list if I didn't already know you. I mean who could go wrong with a wife like Ruth! Enjoy your birthday present and say hello to England for me.

heather said...

i love playing cards with scott- you can't beat the usher-victory-dance! you forgot to mention it as one of the times he gets chatty.

ps. ryan still thinks it's funny to call him "uncle scott."

Jana Heller said...

happy birthday scott!

Christy said...

It's true. We all decided and voted a long time ago that Scott is going straight to heaven. He truly is amazing.

Beth said...

Wow! Our husbands have so many of the same traits!

Especially the 'He's not shy, he chooses not to speak.'

You truly found your soul mate! You are so awesome together!

Happy Birthday Scot! Enjoy your
37th year...again!

Susie Demke said...

I gave Christian the same shirt awhile ago #3 Dad. I thought it was so funny. Because he is kind of.. "number 3" dad. I figured lets have sense of humor about it right, tongue in cheek? Yeah no. We gave it to Jake my brother-in-law.
Happy Birthday Scott! You don't look at day over 36!

Ryan And His 3 Girls: said...

I know I'm probably a little bias, but that is the best birthday cake I have ever seen! It was fun reading about Scott!

Sarah said...

Wow! This is one of the best dedications to a husband I have ever read. Amazing--I almost cried.