Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mothers Day

 I had a really great mothers day! Did you? Husband went out of his way to make the day nice. It started out with Breakfast in bed, the boys love this part (me too). Then they all gave me their presents. Ollie made a corsage out of tissue paper, it was really cute. Max's class made a Recipe book with family recipes, I loved it. Then Scott let me go back to sleep(the best gift of all).
At church they did the cutest thing in the program, they asked all the kids questions about their Mom. I couldn't wait to read what my boys had to say.
1. What is your Mom's favorite food?
Ollie- chicken soup and ravioli with hot sauce   ( I do like homemade soup)
Max- She barely eats the food she makes us ( is this cuz he thinks I'm starving myself or is it that the food I make is so bad, I can't even eat it.)
2.What is your Mom's favorite chore?
Ollie- cleaning the dishes (wrong)
Max- She makes us do all the chores (say what?!)
3. What is your Mom's least favorite chore?
Ollie-Cleaning up all the toys (Very true)
Max- She makes us do all the chores  ( How I wish this were true)
4. What is something your Mom always says to you? ( most kids said I love you)
Ollie- if i watch a movie pass 9 pm, she says "go to bed" ( I do say this)
Max- "Video game time is over" (I say this too)
5.  What  is something your Mom does just for you? 
Ollie- If I do a chore, I can pick something out of the "Schulbuck" store
Max- Does something for me. ( I didn't get this one. He told me later that I do a lot for him, just nothing that was interesting)
     So according to my kids I'm an anorexic slave driver who likes hot sauce.
After church we went to the Schultz house, where the men made us dinner. I got my favorite Island tacos(yum-yum). Then Grandpa took all the kids to deliver corsages to the Moms in the neighborhood. They had a blast doing this. It was such a good day, I love Mothers day.


Georgia said...

Sounds like an awesome day Ruth! You deserve it.

Hey if you think of it, would you send me the island taco recipe. You have mentioned before how good they are.

Katie Schultz said...

loved reading those answers. I am glad you got a picture of Harry and all the kids that was so cute, and I am especially glad you were with him, I thought he braved this walk around the neighborhood solo

Beth said...

Wow! of course Harry wold pass out corsages to the neighborhood moms. I'm glad to know you make Max do all the chores...i will have to put him to work next time he comes over : )

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

sleeping in IS the best gift. i only have one little baby and i appreciate it every saturday when paul takes penny in the morning. and i thought my mom was a slavedriver, too. :)

Emily Ruth said...

that's cute!

heather said...

wow your kids do all the chores and you dont even notice any more because it feels so natural? good job!

Beautiful pictures by the way

Pierre and Heather