Monday, December 22, 2008

Have yourself a very merry christmas!

Christmas is upon us. I did send out Christmas cards this year but unfortunately I couldn't send it to everyone. So if you didn't receive one, sorry, I still love you though. Consider this one big Christmas card for you only. I really do hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year. Give a big hug to all your families for me.

                                                                   joy to the world
Happy Holidays!!!
Merry Christmas!!
Pictures courtesy of Vanessa Lamb
She's awesome, huh?


Georgia said...

Thanks Ruth.....really great photos! Your hair looked really pretty!!!!

Merry Christmas!

stacy said...

that third picture of you is super sexy girl! these are all beautiful! have a merry christmas!

Rebecca said...

I can't believe you got so many great group shots...this is nearly impossible with 3 and with one as small and wiggly as Harper!! You all look great:)

cJb said...

Merry Christmas!!

Scott, looking very manley.

sarah said...

You guys look great. Your boys are adorable.

Susie Demke said...