Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Aquabat Show

Friday Night We took the boys to see DJ Lance open up for the Aquabats. It was a YGG reunion. Everyone was there and my awesome father in law catered an amazing spread of food. We're talking chocolate fountain, shrimp, fresh fruit( the good kind like berries and stuff)And plenty of coke 0(thanks Harry). Max and Ollie Danced like crazy when Lance went on. It was really cute to see all the little kids that came to see him. One little girl drew him a picture with her # on it. It was so cute. I kinda want him to call her. Anyways Max kept telling me all night how Christian said he would throw him off the stage to"surf the crowd". I said Nah, that doesn't sound like a good idea. Of course Scott was fine with it.  During the song Pool Party Max went on stage and threw off pool toys and was dancing and loving it.
 Then Christian brought him up and asked him(in the mic)
 What was his name(Maxon Schultz
How old are you son? (7)
Anyways to get to the point he asked if he ever staged dive(UHhh)And max started to run to dive and Christian picked him up and chucked him into the sea of aquabat fans!!
 My knees gave out on me and my heart started racing. I just imagined 
Max falling to the floor. But he didn't. He made it back safely, ran into my arms and yelled(with his lisp)THAT WAS  SO AWESOME!!!!! THAT WAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING I HAVE DONE!!! I wish I could do it again, then stop and rewind and then do it again!!! By this point my heart rate was normal and I was so happy that Max was that happy. So thanks Christian for giving Max the night of his life.
                         Ollie after a couple rounds of the chocolate fountain. He was in heaven.

Max dancing during Pool party.
                                                                  Max answering the questions.
I believe this was after the crowd reeled him back in .
Thanks Jenn for taking pictures. I was in no state of mind to do so.
 And yes Scott is rockin a Stache


Georgia said...

Sounds like the night was AWESOME.

I think as a mom, the hardest thing to do, it to let our kids "fly" pun intended. I'm sure that Max will remember this night forever.

jenn said...

max is lucky to have you as a mom!

cJb said...

MAX IS SOOOOOOOO LUCKY! Dude, oh my wow. Maaaaannn I wish I was max. wow.
Yeah, the Aquabats were amazing up here in SLC. It was my FIRST show too. And Max is already crowd surfin at 7, dude... he is way ahead of the game.

vanessa lamb photography said...

awwww i should have went!

ps i'm likin scotts stash

Christy said...


Kim said...

So fun! I love the story. Who else starts crowd surfing at his age?

Beth said...

I was there and got to witness his excitement and your heart attack!

Your was beating out of your chest!

Max is a lot braver then I give him credit for! He must get it from his dad!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

that looked like so much fun! i loved going to aquabat shows in high school. i would have been scared, too to see my kid go crowd surfing...but go max!