Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Surprise! Sam drove down to be with the family for Christmas!
* remember eating at the kids table?*
The grandkids with their presents form Grammy and Papa

Christmas Pajamas!

Every Christmas eve we go over to my in-laws. We have a lot of fun Christmas traditions that we do. Like..........
1. We always have a nice candle light dinner on the fine china. Nancy always makes chicken pillows.
2. The kids get to open a present. Which is usually their Pjs. 
3. We all bundle up and go Christmas caroling. This year we went to six houses. four were not home, one we got SHHHHED! Apparently she told her daughter Christmas wasn't until Saturday. Then finally one was home for one awkward rendition of Rudolph.
4. We come home have some Hot Chocolate and a Sees candy
5. Then the kids go to bed. And Santa begins.
I love Christmas eve. I swear I can never sleep, I just get too excited.


amber buhrley said...

So fun! I am glad you guys were there to celebrate with! It made it such a fun day!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

agh! those stripey pj's are so cute! we always open new pj's on christmas eve, too.

Beth said...

Max looks so old with his cousins...I love the PJ's and family traditions!

Jana Heller said...

i love family traditions, maybe that is because we never had any growing up besides always getting an orange in our stalking. steven's family always has a big family party at the church christmas eve and i love it. i guess ineed to start some of my own.

Georgia said...

Kids just make Christmas Eve sooooo much more fun. I love the family traditions. We had a ton, too.

The photo with the kids in their stripped PJs is so cute. That needs to be framed and out all year long!

Hope your Christmas was great.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve. See ya in 2009.

julie said...

merry christmas and happy new year! that is a great pic of the cousins in pjs. i always loved getting pjs on christmas eve... i definitely need to get that going w/my kids.

danielle said...

hi! i LOVE your blog and check in all the time... i am stalking and flipping through all posts and saw these adorable jammies...where are they from?? and can we get a house tour!?