Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Beth!

Last Friday was Beth's Birthday. I am a little late with this but that's because I spent all day shopping with her instead.(totally worth it) Ok here is the Beth lowdown.....
** It was really hard to find any pictures of Beth. And I realized that's because she's been taking them. The only pictures I have of me as a youth was thanks to her.
** growing up i thought Beth was so pretty. I thought she looked like Belinda Carlyle from the Go- Gos.
** Beth is not afraid of anything(except heights). She once fought with a guy who was trying to rob her. She has quit 2 of my jobs over the phone for me.(we sound the same on the phone) I know my other sisters have used her services. She also will take things back and complain about horrible service for you too.
** She is the most unselfish person I know. I have seen her give people cars, $$$$, the shirt off her back(literally), free wedding photos, cameras and too many other things to name. Anyone that knows her has has been given something from her. 
** There is a joke in my family that all my sisters try to claim being the" Favorite Aunt". Well she totally deserves this title. She just gave one nephew a new guitar, one a gameboy, clothes and her time. She will take all the niece's to Disneyland. And of course you all know about how she takes my boys every Wednesday and does all sorts of fun things. Now my boys are in love with her and she is #1 on their list.
**She is the organizer in our family. She plans pretty much everything. I don't think we'd get much done without her.
** (Mom and Dad this is a slight confession but just know I was a very good girl) Beth was such a cool sister growing up! She would take me and my friends toilet papering and she once let me spend the night at her house so I could go to a concert. Charles locked up the house and i was to nervous to ring the doorbell so I slept in my car.
** She has given me 3 out of my 5 jobs in my life. Cleaning model homes, photographers assistant and Nanny.
**Beth is The BEST Mom. I always tell her girls, You don't know how lucky you are!
** She really is my second Mom. I can always count on her for anything. She will shop for me at Costco, cook Sunday dinners, pick up my boys from school and clean up my house. I guess i should tell myself how lucky I am!
 Ok for those of you who know my lovely sister Beth please leave a fun memory on my comments!


Susie Demke said...

Oh! I love that she quit your jobs for you. Now that's being a sister! I once made my sister tell an employer I had diarrhea to miss some work. I am going to thank her for that. What a gal. Happy birthday Beth!

vanessa lamb photography said...

a story i'll always like is when my mom came a day later than everone else one year we rented a beach house and about 2 hours or something before she got there NO ONE was doing anything NOTHING got done and everyone was just watching TV and i saw Grandpa looking out the window then looking at me and asking "when dose your mom get here? we need someone to tell us what to do..."

kristyn said...
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Susie Demke said...

I just realized, you are Ruth's "friend" who took photos at my wedding reception 2 years ago. Right? I never knew that was YOU! That was very special and I love those pictures. Thank you for being there and doing that. We were so unorganized but we had great friends. That was so sweet. Now have an extra special Happy Birthday!
Thank you from the Demke's.

Georgia said...

Beth, Beth, Beth.....where do I begin???? I have know Beth a long time (since Gina and Nathan were in Kindergarten). I was lucky enough to become friends with her early on in our elementary school years. We had LOTS of wonderful years together. She was the one I could count on. We did lots of volunteering together and it made it so much more fun. We also played bunko for years together...which I do miss : )

She is a fabulously sweet person, who I still consider a great friend!

Happy Birthday Beth!!!!!!

kristyn said...

I wish Beth was my sister!! I miss the days when we would play Bunco with Beth and her friends. Happy Birthday Beth!!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

beth did my bridal shots as my wedding present and i LOVE them! happy birthday beth!

cJb said...

happy Bethday! Beth rules. Ruth too.

Beth said...

Thanks Ruth...this is one of favorite birthday presents! I love reading all the memories. Thanks everyone!

The McCullough Crew said...

Beth was the first of Joey's family I ever met and I was super excited too because she was so nice to me when I was so nervous.

Joey always said you were like a second mom to him. We love you Beth!

Auntie said...

I wanted to wish you a happy birthday along with everyone. I love you, you are a very talented photographer, but even more than that you are so fun to have at a wedding, always smiling and enjoying what you are doing. You taught me a lot. Much happiness for the year.
Kathy Willis

Jones Family said...

My kids adopted "Mamo Beth" as their surrogate Grandma. Originally, she was known as "Rachel Mommy."

David and Jennie Lamb said...

I am the lucky sister who has Beth as my sister and my sister-in-law so she can never get away from me! She can't complain though because she was the one who set me up with my wonderful husband!I can never figure out were Beth gets all her energy from, she is always working and helping everyone. I know if I ever had the need, she would get in her car and drive to Vegas to help me without even thinking twice about it. How great is that?
Love you Beth!!