Wednesday, August 20, 2008

just a theory

But I think someone has it out for me. I know in times of war they use sleep deprivation as a torture tactic, right? Did you know lack of sleep kills more brain cells than alcohol?!! I think someone is REALLY trying to kill me.......... slowly.  My lack of sleep is catching up to me. During the day I feel like a slug. I can't finish my sentences nor have a conversation with anyone over the age of 7. Today I thought to myself I am totally going to take a nap today! I put Harper down for his morning snooze, turned on the Wii for the other guys and jumped into bed. RING RING went my phone...Beth. RING RING.......Jenny, Sheri, Brooke, Jill, Tele marketers. Fine I'll turn off my phone. TAP TAP(on my face) Can I have marshmallows? I'm hungry.............WHAAAAAA, Harper wakes up. FOR GET IT! NO nap. I am going to die today, I know it. I was just about to really lose it when my fairy-godsister, Beth came and Dropped off Nathan and took Harper. I slept for 3 hours!!!! Thank you Beth!! 


Caitlin said...

Howcome I just spent 45 minutes looking through your archives instead of being a responsible mother? I am such a blog whore. Your boys are so cute. Ollie is hilarious and I am so glad that you post the funny things he says.

Texas, is good. Way (way way) hot, but we actually really like it which is great because we thought we would really not (read:hate) like it. But my ward is filled with younger couples with young kids. There are 3 nurseries, 13 sunbeams, and 27 kids getting baptized this year. So different from our last ward (which you probably know).

OK-gone on too long. Love your blog, and I am going to subscribe to it today. PS You take really beautiful pictures.

Georgia said...

The only thing missing from your day was the kids sneaking a Mountain Dew.....hee-hee.

Aren't sisters the best????? Glad you got some sleep!

sarah said...

Just for future days like this one, I volunteer to be your "on call sanity baby-sitter" Free of charge just don't abuse my services, but seriously let me know. I'm in school so my schedule can be flexible. I use to be a nanny and I really miss it. Your kids might freak out cuz they don't know me but I can deal with that.

Christy said... Beth...I need a Beth in my life. :)

heather said...

isn't she such a life-saver!?

she has a theory about you ya know. she says you NEVER answer your phone unless you're asleep. (made me laugh) But she says the same thing about me, so I don't know how true it is. :)

Kim said...

Does Beth need another sister...actually my sister has London right now so I guess I have a Beth too.

Jones Family said...

Just another reason why I want to be like Beth when I grow up. Her new name is Mamo Beth! (Hannah calls Grandmas "Mamo")
How is she so amazing?
How come you get so many phone calls when you try to take a nap?

Beth said...

I love your boys! Anytime you need a nap call me!

PS Heather is correct...I know if you or Heather answer your phones when I call, chances are you are trying to take a nap! I always feel bad because I know how much you need your sleep!