Friday, August 1, 2008


Remember when I got a dog?!!! What was I thinking? What possessed me to think that I could train a dog and a baby at the same time. Obviously Boo is no longer with us. We had some issues. 
All the normal puppy issues I could handle...Poo, pee, barking, chewing etc. Seriously not a big deal. It was the jealousy thing. Boo would Bark whenever I held/fed Harper. And forget putting him on the floor(see above pictures) or any type of chair/bouncy thing. Boo would attack. It started out innocent, then she started to nip. Which eventually turned into a bite. It was when she bit Harper in the face that I said "Buh-bye." My nephew, Shane and wife Christine now have her. They have no kids and another dog, Keela to play with her. Ollie and I REALLY miss her. Not a day has gone buy when Ollie doesn't ask about her. That was actually one of the reasons why we went to Newman, so we could see her. I thought maybe it would help Ollie to see her in her new home. Nope. when it was time to leave I told Ollie to say bye to Boo .....
Ollie- Uhhhh, no I just want to take her home now.
Me- Well this is her home. She is going to be your "cousin dog" now.
Ollie- No, I just want her to be my pet. (this was said very nonchalantly)
Talk about making me feel worse. Ugh! Learn from this everyone. Learn from my mistakes. Baby + Puppy= not a good idea.


michelle robinson said...

Oh Ruth, we had the same thing happen to us. we got another dog when Sophie was 2 and i was pregnant with Mac. What were we thinking! I ended up having a terrible pregnancy and was sick the whole time. I could barely take care of Sophie let alone this new dog. Also Pat was working all the time. BOO HOO me too.
Anyways we had to give her up finally, good for you for figuring it out so early. we held on for 3 years! ouch. Our life is soo much less stressful now that she's gone. we still have our older dog. We miss our dog. She's got a new family. I hope she's happy too.
(sad, long face, maybe gonna cry now)

whitney said...

Cousin dog... brilliant.

Like I said before: I would rather set myself on fire than have a dog.

But it looks like I will be having a Whitney BBQ someday because Ethan said he would divorce me if we never got a labrador. Grrr.

Georgia said...

Here is my advice.....DO NOT GET:
1) A hampster
2) A rat
3) A lizard
4) A bird
5) A frog

If anything, get a cat. They are independent!

: )

Jones Family said...

Biting my baby on the face would have been the last straw for me too. Maybe in a few years you can try again. Those pictures look like pure chaos.
My dog bit my brother's friend in the face.. she "went to live with my Grandma" which translates... went to the pound and got killed because she was a "biter." At least Ollie got to see Boo was still alive. Ingenious with the "cousin doggie"

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

hey ruthie saw your blog on heather's list of peeps on her blog. this blogging thing is slightly addictive - ours is hope you're doing well!

- melany (balmforth)

Beth said...

Wow...those pictures say it all! He was a notty little dog but sooooo cute. I am glad you found a good home for him where Ollie and you can visit.

Ollie's phone call made my whole night!!! Can I play with your boys this Wednesday....PLEASE!

cJb said...

Yeah, after most of our animals died we didn't get pets anymore.

1- fish (actually died at Harry's House when I stayed there for a week..left it in the window and it boiled to death.. sad day 3 years ago)
4- dogs (all died)
1- cat (ran away, but is probabley dead by now...R.I.P tigger)
2- Hamsters (both mine..1 suffacated, the other starved to death..:(
2 box turtles (they both ran away..)
1 snake (ran away..)
1 hermit crab (died..)

and nobody ever called the humane society...

Christy said...

Schultz's are very bad on pets. Just don't ever get them. It's actually child abuse if a Schultz has an animal. I could list all the animals we've killed in our day. just don't do it. resist.

Jill said...

Warning: totally unrelated comment to follow.

Check this out.

I couldn't help but think of your boys when I saw it. Enjoy!

Cathy Woodruff said...

I saw Boo last night she actually didn't pee, poo or bite, she has gotten a little bigger and is still cute as ever! You really did do the right thing and she is still in the family. Shane and Christine call the dogs the "Girls" (it is so cute). They are such good doggie parents! Terri and Jim are great grand-puppy-parents and Bo has four uncles that spoil her rotten...