Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ollism 3 and 4

Ollie has been having a problem with the S-word. No not that S-word...... Stupid . I'll hear him mutter under his breath....... your so stupid mom! Of course I've been telling him how we don't call people stupid , especially mom. Well today he asked if he could play Wii....................
Me- Ollie you've already played your Wii for the day.
Ollie- (looking me right in the eye with a sly smile) Mom your sooooooooooooooo stup......endous. Your stupendous mom.
Me -Wow, good one
Where did my 4 year old pick up the word stupendous? 

Ollie was having difficulty dressing himself today. There was some sassy talk and I have to admit he brought me down to his level.
Me- Get dressed Ollie!
Ollie- Noooo, your being a brat mom.
Me- YOUR being a brat.
Ollie- Uhhhh.... only girls can be brats mom.
Me- Well what are you then?
Ollie- (this was said very matter of fact) A King. Girls are brats and boys are Kings. (duh)
So since I'm King I don't have to get dressed.
                          Seriously? I'm totally screwed. 


cJb said...

Wow. King Ollie. Perhaps he is trying to follow the example of chivalry of the mistaken kings of the medieval eras? None the less I congratulate the lad for his I.E.O.M of a saying and turning it into stupendous. He doesn't even get stickers from gradeschool teachers yet, so how could he know such magnificently excellent superb words to use at such an awesome time? Perhaps his father is a professional kids television show writer/director..?

Good knight dear king.


Jana Heller said...

that is amazing. i love reading ollisms. he is such a funny kid.

amber buhrley said...

I could totally hear it in my head exactly how he would say it! So funny!

Jones Family said...

Ollie is a genius. That's the only explanation.

Georgia said...

What is so scary is how quick he is AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE......its so funny/cute, it would be hard NOT to laugh. Love the OLLISMs.

Beth said...

I love that kid! I agree with Rachel... he is a genius!

Beth said...

oh... wrong Jones Family! I agree with Courntey, Ollie is a genius!

The McFersons (Jayd/Tauni) said...

i'd email ya this, but i don't have your email address, so... this is the most shameless request i've made in about six years, but here goes... we are coming to california from the 4th through the 10th... if there is any chance that my little man could somehow see even the slightest hint of brobee in the flesh, it would quite possibly make his life. are there any "filmings" happning in that time frame? again, shameless i know, but for good cause. :) take it easy.

tracyjax said...

that is so sweet. ollie is a genious.