Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm kinda of scared to do this but here we go

A couple of my friends are doing this and it sounded like fun. Follow the directions below:
1. as a comment on my blog leave 1 memory you have of me. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, if it is recent or old, silly or serious--anything you remember.

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. Hopefully this won't turn into a roast(be nice). If you leave a memory I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.


Kim said...

Shoot, that Britney Spears incident was funny! I have a horrible memory but I'll say that night Jana & I came over for a Pride & Pred. marathon and some of the guys stayed (mocking us) until about 1 am and they were rushing to the tv to change the tapes (did I just say tapes...we're old) I'm sure there were funnier times but I was introduced to Darcy, so it was awesome.

Jana Heller said...

well you left my favorite memory on my blog so i will go with another one. i went to vegas with you for your family reunion and you guys did a raffle for a quilt (i think) and of course who wins it but the only person there that is not part of your family. i think i gave it to you though so that worked out better. also that weekend, we tried sewing a pair of pants and i remember them fitting not so very great but it was fun trying. can you believe that it has been over 14 years since we met?

Jana Heller said...

i lied it has only been 13 years.

cJb said...

1.I remember, now this one isn't too old so forgive me, but I remember You razzing Me and Scott for going to see a movie, calling it a "man date" But you came too, so it was a chaperoned "man date" Can wives do that? I took a picture of You two, it was at the block, and Scott had on his Brobee hoodie and was rocking his long hair with the neandrothal beard and you had on a Scarf. Good fun.

2. I remember helping with fixing up the garage a few years ago and You pulled out some amazing art You did from High school, it seemed like it was something mythical, or at least had a magical texture/pattern in it. You need to do more art Ruthy!

3. I remember the "RED RUG" it was the terrible IKEA shag rug that would always somehow end up finding its fibers into your mouth later that day, or week, and I think it ended up making a few of us sick before you got rid of it, but you were so stoked on it at first.. it would just destroy the vacuum, and Ollie always seemed to have a mouthful.

4. Every time I come to visit there is the request for Zuchinni Bread and the many failed attempts in your kitchen to do so. So, here is the Recipe:

(Separate bowl Mix)
3 eggs
1cup vegetable oil
2 cups grated zuchinni
3 tsp vanilla

(Sift separatly)
3 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup uts(optional)/choc. chips
3 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2tsp cloves

(Large Bowl)
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup white
-add chocholate chips(semisweet)
Mix sugars with Zuchinni mix
Bake @325* 1hr 15 min.
or until browned and not soupy inside..

heather said...

WOW, how can you beat colt?
1. i remember your room in the yorba linda house down in the "basement" with the black & white walls, checkered floor, and poster of johnny depp on the ceiling above your bed.

2. i remember going to your high school plays & thinking you were famous when you played the queen of hearts in alice & wonderland, and tootles in peter pan.

3. i remember you & scott making out in front of melanie & i in your tent in yosemite (haha!)

4. i remember you teaching melanie & i a choreographed dance to "love shack" that we preformed on christmas eve for the family so we could open our presents

AND finally...
5. i remember melanie & i used to pretend that she was aunt sherry (because she's blonde) and i was you (because we're brunettes) because we thought you guys were pretty much life size barbie dolls

(sorry there's a lot, i had to do one more than colt)

Beth said...

I remember the day you were born...Now who's old!

You were the baby of 7 older siblings who fought over you. Cathy and I would argue who you looked the most like because you were so cute! I thought you looked just like me and Cathy knew you looked just like her of course!...But now that we are adults, we all know who that cute baby looked like. :)

I remember your blessing day. Mostly because you were not named until Dad gave you a name and a blessing. It was quite the fight in our home. You had 3 different names for the first 6 weeks of your life. We knew your middle name would be Loiuse but your first name was the problem. Mom wanted to name you Ruth after a great Aunt who died when she was young, a few of us wanted you named Rebecca and the others called you Debbie. I wanted Rebecca, I thought Ruth was to old of a name. But thank goodness mom won out. You are truly a Ruthy! What a cute name! (I did feel sorry for you for years though with 2 old names.)

You were the best at entertaining my different boyfriends who were all in love with you.

Another fun memory is of Adam & you making up songs that you sang to us at Family Night. My favorites was ‘The Muscular Rabbit’ Maybe that’s were Max gets his talent

You used hide your cabbage patch dolls from Heather when we would come to visit.

When you were a teenager I had so much taking you to Hollywood for your Photo shoots when you were modeling. I wish I had a picture to post so everyone could see how Hot you looked!

Oh and then there was taking you to the Peshe Mod riots in Beverly Hills. I had no idea how crazy it would get! If I did I would have left my newborn baby, Vanessa, home!

There are too many things to mention! I could go on and on…but I think I have already out did Colt and Heather!

Jill said...

I'll leave one, although it's a memory about you, not necessarily of you...

When Ryan W. and I were both working for WBPC, he came in one day and said, "You got the BEST compliment the other day."

"okay," I said, "what was it?" (and i'll admit, I was expecting something a little inappropriate given the fact that Ryan W. was telling me this.)

"Ruth said you seemed pretty cool," he answered.

It took me a minute to understand that the compliment was not that I "seemed pretty cool" but that RUTH said so. Then I knew that Ryan might be your biggest fan...ever.

Beth said...

Sorry one more memory! Last night while I was trying to fall asleep I realized I forgot to mention a very special memory...a life changing experience. You allowed me to be present at the birth of Max. That was the most amazing thing. I almost got to be there for Ollie but he came to fast. But I was there just minutes after and still got to experience the joy of birth. Thank you so much for giving me the memory of seeing those special boys come into the world. Maybe that is why I feel so connected to those boys of yours and how much I love them!

Aaron said...

I remember you cutting my hair at Lux in Fullerton for free or in exchange for CD's even after the guys had left on their missions.

julie said...

this is the first time i met you. it was probably 10 yrs ago, at a party at amy & loralie's place in orange (that condo they lived in). i really didn't know anyone there because i had just moved back from UT. you were playing the 'would you rather...' game was going on. and i can't retype what the question you asked because it would probably be inappropriate here. but i don't think i'll ever forget it! i remember thinking - who is this girl? she's pretty funny.

Christy said...

I'm not very good at these kinds of things. Of course we go WAY Back and I have the same memory as Heather of your black & white room when we shared your single bed and you wore your silk pajamas. We also used to do scrapbooking before it was way out of hand like it is nowadays and we would raid Sherri's scrapbooking stash...paying for it of course. And the other memory I have of that house was when I wouldn't believe you that your hair would NOT curl. I was convinced, based on the height I used to get with my hair, that I could get your hair to curl. You let me put curlers in your hair and try everything, including Hot Sticks and a massive amount of hairspray. Of course, you were right. It fell after probably 15 minutes. :) Need I go on with more memories?

Ryan And His 3 Girls: said...

You probably won't even check this because it is almost two months later, but just in case you do, I had to leave one: You did my hair and make-up for the biggest day of my life: My wedding! And I looked and felt beautiful. You were so nice to me that morning! And then your wonderful sister took pictures of us when we came out of the Temple and it was POURING rain because you had called and asked her to! Thank you again!