Monday, July 28, 2008

Newman part 2

While in the lovely town of Newman, we took a hour and a half trip to the even lovelier town of Monterey. My great sisters loaded up all there bikes for us to do a bike ride on the shoreline. It was so beautiful. We rode to lovers cove. Well everyone but Max and Cathy. Right when we were almost to are destination Max drops to the ground and lays there. He was DONE! The life had been sucked right out of him. He could peddle no more. We tried to tell him how we were SOOOO close. But he wouldn't budge from his new bed on the ground. Of course my sister Cathy was nice enough to stay with him while we ventured on. She even gave him $5 to buy saltwater taffy. We also went to a Neato park called Dennis the Menace park. My boys loved it. I loved it too. It had some oldskool playground equipment that you don't see around anymore. So I preserved the moment in pictures. Enjoy!

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cJb said...

I love the train. My nephew is obsessed with trains, even his birhtday cake was a train!

Ruth got the note in the mail, Thanks! Hey, I am going to have to reserve a spot on your front room couch for a night on my official "Couch tour 2008" trip in August. Let me know if there is a vacancy...