Thursday, February 2, 2012

a choc filled day

Today was one of those crazy days.
I had to leave the house by 8:30 to get to Davy's first therapy(OT) at 9. had to secure a sitter(thank you Heather) and a ride to and from preschool for Harper. Went to Davy's second therapy(pt) at 10. Then had to jam over to CHOC by 11:15 for her feeding therapy. Then had a speech Evaluation right after that.
Ran home to pick up Harper, hoping Davy would fall asleep on the way, so she
could get some sort of nap today(20 minutes). Fed Davy Lunch and meds then left back to Choc for a GI appointment. Had to find a ride home from school for Ollie, a ride for Max an hour later(science club), then a ride to and from scouts. Oh and also a sitter from 2-4;30 (thanks Nathan, I owe you $$).
I hit MAJOR traffic on the way down and I am 15 minutes late.
The nurse tells me, DR.G can't see us, we're too late.
Hmmmmm that's weird cuz I just saw him walk into his office.
Well, we can reschedule you at the end of March.
Uhhh totally unacceptable, Davy has a lot going on right now, I need to get in, TODAY.
I was told if I wait another hour a different GI Doc will see us.
Fine, that will do.

I am so glad I waited. You know how we've been having issues with her ripping out her mic-key button? Well, it was too small. So it was majorly uncomfortable for her. Poor thing, it was driving her crazy this whole time. So we placed a new larger button in and then saw how red and irrated her skin was.
So I then have to jet to Target to pick up some new meds for Davy's infected tube site and make it home by 6.

Luckily Alissa, the sitter from 4:30 to 6, fed them, cuz i would let them eat cereal and popcorn, I am that tired.

Did i mention Scott is working late again?

So I told the kids they can watch TV tonight until bedtime. Hooray!!
But at the end of the was totally worth it, to have the mic-key problem solved.

This is Davy in physical therapy. She always starts off on this swing.
Today they had her pushing it back and forth. It's pretty dang hard to walk backwards.
It was a good thing Ms.J had her hands out, cuz Davy ate it right after this shot.
She all good though.

Alright, I'm gonna go lay on the couch and watch Parks and Rec.


BriBedell said...

Can we say Superwoman! I got up at 7:45 gave my girls a bath, made breakfast, got everyone dressed then made it to our tax appointment. I could hardly function after that! Ps. I'm 34 weeks huge with a monster baby :/ lol
That goodness they figured out her port problem! Way to go you for telling that nurse what was up :)

heather said...

jeez louise, what a crazy day. and you even looked cute and pulled together doing all that. so happy the momma bear in you helped get davy what she needed

Sharla Watene said...

Miss you! I wish I was there, I'd come bring you some macarons and watch parks and recs...maybe greys if its on tonight...

Rudyricks said...

Can you say Whewww?

Ora said...

Nothing like a good dose of Leslie Knope to make your brain relax after a hard day! I'm amazed at all you get done! I've not had a day that busy in... EVER! Glad they solved her mic-key problem... and walking backwards IS tough - my son didn't even attempt it until he was 2! Keep up the great work!

Emily said...

You and Davy are AWESOME! Keep Calm and Carry On! You're such a good mom.

Beth said...

Love to see her walking...Davy is luckey to have such a devoted mommy

Melany said...

wow, that sounds like a rough day! it's amazing how one little person can have so many appts. good job getting everything done, ruth!

Becki D said...

You are a Super Mama!