Thursday, February 9, 2012


Yesterday morning started off with a mini torture sesh for Lil Davy.
We went in for her third VCUG. Just to tell us the same thing....her bladder refluxes.
I was hoping to skip this and just have the surgery to correct it. Why put her through unnecessary torture, right?
Well the Doc disagreed. So Me and 2 nurses spent 45 minutes holding down my screaming child. The nurses were pretty impressed when she broke through their makeshift tape and pillowcase restraints.
I can honestly say I was actually sore afterwards, so I am assuming Davy was.
The rest of the day we were both tired. I put her down for a nap expecting a sleep Marathon, but the boys decided to have a lego war, which involved yelling, which woke up the sleeping babe.
I know you can all agree with me, when i say that waking a sleeping baby is THE WORST thing you can do to a mom. Like I turn into phsycocrazy lady when that happens.
SO no nap, such a bummer
Evening time rolls around and it took a lot of tears and practically a full body massage to get Davy to sleep.
I get the boys to bed and I am BEAT.
Scott is in NY again So I have to do Davy's late night shift, but I know I won't last until 12am.
I NEVER do this, but I thought to myself, I should go in and just do them right now. Better too early then me sleeping through it, right?
SO, I go in her room and.......
I have no idea how long it was out but I could tell her stoma was closing. I said a prayer cuz I did not want to go to the ER. I lubed up her site and wiggled and barely pushed that bad boy back in. If I would have waited until 12 to do her meds, it would have been a surgery for Davy, no doubt. I feel so lucky, that could have been a major disaster.

Hey funny enough, that little turkey pulled it out again the next morning.


Kym said...

Reading about your day made me exhausted. I am so sorry that poor Davy had to be held down. Been there, but that's hardly consoling when you are the one experiencing it.
Amazing about the mic-key. What if? Tender mercy, mom's intuition, luck. Whatever it was, I am so glad that you caught in time.
I hope you and Davy can sleep tight tonight and that next time, lego wars can be held to a low rumble.
You're a good mom.

Ora said...

Going through bladder diagnostics as an adult is rough enough (speaking from experience), I can't imagine having to be there for one of my children having to have it done. You are such a warrior! ... and waking the baby - yeah, "psychomom" sneaks out when that happens here too - hang in there! ♥

heather said...

WOW. i'm sorry. seriously, that sounds like a horrible day. having to hold down your screaming child sounds like the worst thing. i'm so happy that you didn't have to go to the ER or in for mickey button surgery!

Betsi* said...

Phew! Saying a prayer for you and all your babes to have a more restful tomorrow. I'm so glad that you went into her early and didn't wait!
You are a wonderful mom. Keep it up, rockstar.

Anonymous said...

Poor Davy. Seems like she's been having a rough go of it lately. Hope things get better with her mic-key soon! How are the boys handling all this? Seems like there aren't as many posts about them now; I miss hearing about those funny guys, LOL. :) Good luck!

Victoria said...

Poor baby girl and mama! My almost two year old has had three VCUG's as well and this last time somebody informed me you can ask for versed(sp?) which basically makes them drowsy and have no memory of the procedure. We did it last time and it was NIGHT AND DAY to what I had experienced before(Holding down my son for two hours). You'll get through it mama! It will get better!

stacy said...

i love you ruth!!!! i seriously don't know how you do it! you are special and i KNOW that heavenly father was smart when he picked you for davys mama!!!

Bridget said...

I am sorry about the VCUG. We have had one of those and 2 nuclear cystigrams for our daughters reflux. We just did it on Tuesday and she was not a happy camper. I am slightly grateful for these tests because during the ultrasound for the VCUG we found out that she only has one functioning kidney. We would not have known that if not for her darn UTI's and VCUG. I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly. It is always hard when you don't have your spouse to tag team with.

Anonymous said...

Reading this post made tears come to my eyes. My mama heart felt for both of you! Saying a prayer for your week to get much better!!!

Danielle said...

My son did have a VCUG to research his hydronephrosis, and luckily wasn't refluxing, but did have to have surgery. Prayers for you!

Georgia said...

Oh my.....I am exhausted just reading your post. Sorry it was a rough day Ruth!!!! Hugs!!!

jojo said...

Sigh. I want to have something really profound to write to bring you encouragement, but days like this are just freakin' hard. So, here's a virtual hug and a hope for a good long nap in your near future. And a magic mic-key that isn't so tempting for Davy to pull out!

Elizabeth said...

You always make your posts light and funny, but I know that there have to be times you want to cry your eyes out. That Davy is so beautiful and so well loved. I'm praying she will leave that mic-key alone!

Gopher Girl said...

I so feel your pain with VCUGs. They tried to do one on Charlie in November and *THREE* different people tried to catheterize him for it. Multiple, multiple times.... to no avail, thank you very much scar tissue from previous surgeries. Good luck with the reflux!

Lena said...

Wishing Davy and Your Entire Family a Happy Valentine's Day.

Charise said...

Not. Even. Funny.

That is a horrible day. But then there are days so much worse... but still that is a horrible day.

I love you. I wish I was there to force you to go on vacation with your hubby so I could stay with your kids.

I should have forced you when I had the chance.

Soon she will be old enough to understand.It will be easier. I promise.

jenn (+ will) said...

she is such a STINKER! you totally have that mother's intuition. it is amazing!!!