Wednesday, January 18, 2012

harper harper harper

Do you ever wonder what your child will be like when they grow up? Will the personality they have as a child be the same as when they are an adult?
I know my husband was a really outgoing child who like to preform for a crowd and now as an adult, he is pretty shy and does not like to be in the spotlight at all. I am pretty sure my personality has not changed at all from when I was a kid.
I think I have Harper figured out though. You know that guy in high school that would pretty much do anything if you chanted his name three times. You know who I'm talking about, that guy that would do anything to make you laugh. Even if it meant setting himself on fire. That is my son, Harper. He could be totally afraid and if his brothers start chanting, Harper Harper Harper, he would jump off a cliff.
Part of me is a little worried at how easy it is for him to cave under peer pressure.
Like in the below video. This was from our family reunion.
He was so afraid to jump off the diving rock at the pool, then the chanting began. And this is what happened.

Notice how he waited a while. Was that from fear or was he basking in the glory of the chant. Or was he really just peeing? I think he was lovin every second if it.
So do you think you have your child figured out? Or did you think you had a child figured out only to have them be a completely different adult? I am very curious, do tell.


Tyra @ SilverLily Sews said...

I'm always wondering that same thing. My son is just about to turn 4 and is REALLY impulsive and when he sets his mind on something its like the world disappears. I could be standing next to him shouting CAR! and if he saw a ball in the middle of the road that he wanted that's all that would register. I think what if he is like this as a teenager??

aniC said...

I am CONVINCED that however a child is, they will be the opposite as an adult. My husband was a TALKER when he was little, now he is shy and quiet around most people. I was shy when I was little, and now I'm the outgoing one.
BTW, I'm a blog stalker, and I love your blog, and appreciate you sharing your experiences.

Ora said...

:) Seriously - Chase is JUST like Harper.. If anyone cracks a smile when he does something silly unintentionally, he WILL NOT stop doing whatever it was until he has the entire room at his command! I sure hope he stays an extrovert.. I was always a shy child and all through high school, it's taken a lot of work to become as extroverted as I am now... So at least in my little family, the history is to stay the same as an adult... hopefully.

Georgia said...


Melany said...

haha that belly flop was awesome! go harper!

Melinda said...

Okay maybe I'm a bad person but I laughed SOOO HARD at the belly flop!! I probably watched it like five times! hehehehe That was awesome.

About the kid thing? I don't know, I think it just depends. Pretty sure my oldest is just like me. My husband was an obnoxious kid, sometimes he still doesn't know when to quit. So I just don't know?

I think Harper is a doll, all of your kids are just beautiful!

M Rock said...

Two funny things about this:
1. Scott is the one chanting the loudest.
2. This was his 4th time doing it and he screamed in pain every time.

Good times.

sherrie said...

First, that video was awesome.
Second, I had to comment bc I have a childhood girlfriend I still keep in touch with - we crack ourselves up comparing our kids to certain kids we grew up with. Let's just say that at times this little game scares the sh...out of me. "My kid is THAT kid?! Yep....yep, he totally is." I wish I knew how those boys turned out - it would either give me hope or send me straight to my grave.

Diggertoo said...

Long time lurker - first time commenter - but I have to post. I watched a French foreign film on Netflix this weekend named "Crazy". The little boy in that film looked so familiar - I couldn't shake it. This morning I opened your site to catch up - and waa laa - the little boy in that movie is the exact image of Harper. It's eerie - they could be twins. I had to share :).

the fam said...

I would say my son is pretty much who he was as a child 30+ years ago, but my daughters are both who they were, and very different. In fact it is like each of them surgically removed a part of their sister's personality and grafted it very prominently onto their person. It is uncanny and eery sometimes, how much they are like who their sister used to be.

PilatesMom said...

Not related to post, just a love note about Yo Gabba Gabba. :) To be honest, I have never watched before. My guy Tate just wasn't that into it for whatever reason. Well my 12 month old found it and can we say "kryptonite". Just as I was feeling guilty for letting him watch his third episode in one day I noticed all the cutie patootie kiddos, especially the ones with DAFO's and walker's and trach's that were in the process of closing. Woo hoo, you guys rock. Mama for blogging about families and making special needs seem so normal and papa for creating a show that helps portray special needs as so normal.

Done gushing now...